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Icon Mobility Platform
AlertView | Mobile Report Alerts

AlertView is a mobile device alert system that notifies physicians when reports are ready for evaluation. 

Icon Radiology
ChameleonDR | Digital Radiography

Chameleon DR is a digital radiography system with advanced and adaptive image processing.

Icon Image and Report Sharing (1)
CryptoChart | Secure Image & Report Sharing

CryptoChart enables simple, secure sharing of patient images and reports without CDs, passwords or portals. 

Icon Mobile Diagnostic Viewing
MobileRad | Mobile Diagnostic Viewer

CryptoChart enables simple, secure sharing of patient images and reports without CDs, passwords or portals. 

Icon Scheduling and Operational Management
Nova RIS | Scheduling and Operational Management

Nova RIS is a productivity system that manages the complete patient experience - from scheduling appointments to distributing clinical reports.

Icon Advanced Imaging
Nova3D+ | Advanced Imaging

Nova3D+ provides real-time advanced graphic processing to perform advanced imaging techniques.

Icon Cardiology
NovaCardio | Cardiology

NovaCardio is a full cardiology PACS with optional structured reporting and functional analysis.

Icon Dose Management
NovaDose | Dose Management

NovaDose provides centralized radiation dose monitoring.

Icon Breast Imaging
NovaMG PRO | Mammography

NovaMG PRO is a multi-modality workstation with an integrated mammography viewer that allows you to read a wide variety of mammography studies as well as other studies, all in one place.

Icon Orthopedics
NovaOrtho | Orthopedics

NovaOrtho is a specialized PACS for orthopedic viewing and reading.

NovaPACS | Picture Archiving & Communications System

NovaPACS is an ergonomic PACS with advanced reading, reporting and archiving capabilities. 

Icon Secure Mobile Device Image Capture (1)
SnapView | Mobile Image Capture

SnapView is a secure image capture application for Apple devices and is a key component of the Ncompass Enterprise Imaging platform.

Icon Radiology
Novarad AI Diagnostic Assistant | COVID Diagnosis

Novarad AI COVID-19 Diagnostic Assistant leverages CT scans and artificial intelligence to quickly diagnose, isolate and treat patients. 

Icon Teleradiology
NovaPRO | Teleradiology

NovaPRO is a complete PACS and RIS solution for radiology reading groups.

Icon Surgical Navigation
OpenSight | Surgical Navigation

OpenSight is a surgical planning system that uses augmented reality to register imaging studies accurately onto a patient in real-time for increased surgical accuracy and confidence.

Icon Surgical Navigation
VisAR | Surgical Navigation

VisAR is the successor to the OpenSight program, developed with a focus on intraoperative use.