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Icon Mobility Platform
AlertView | Mobile Report Alerts

AlertView is a mobile device alert system that notifies physicians when reports are ready for evaluation. 

Icon Radiology
ChameleonDR | Digital Radiography

Chameleon DR is a digital radiography system with advanced and adaptive image processing.

Icon Image and Report Sharing (1)
CryptoChart | Secure Image & Report Sharing

CryptoChart enables simple, secure sharing of patient images and reports without CDs, passwords or portals. 

Icon Mobile Diagnostic Viewing
MobileRad | Mobile Diagnostic Viewer

CryptoChart enables simple, secure sharing of patient images and reports without CDs, passwords or portals. 

Icon Enterprise Imaging
Ncompass Enterprise Imaging

Ncompass modernizes the way you capture, manage, store, view, exchange and analyze clinical imaging and multimedia content across the enterprise. 

Icon Scheduling and Operational Management
Nova RIS | Scheduling and Operational Management

Nova RIS is a productivity system that manages the complete patient experience - from scheduling appointments to distributing clinical reports.

Icon Advanced Imaging
Nova3D+ | Advanced Imaging

Nova3D+ provides real-time advanced graphic processing to perform advanced imaging techniques.

Icon Cardiology
NovaCardio | Cardiology

NovaCardio is a full cardiology PACS with optional structured reporting and functional analysis.

Icon Dose Management
NovaDose | Dose Management

NovaDose provides centralized radiation dose monitoring.

Icon Breast Imaging
NovaMG PRO | Mammography

NovaMG PRO is a multi-modality workstation with an integrated mammography viewer that allows you to read a wide variety of mammography studies as well as other studies, all in one place.

Icon Orthopedics
NovaOrtho | Orthopedics

NovaOrtho is a specialized PACS for orthopedic viewing and reading.

NovaPACS | Picture Archiving & Communications System

NovaPACS is an ergonomic PACS with advanced reading, reporting and archiving capabilities. 

Icon Secure Mobile Device Image Capture (1)
SnapView | Mobile Image Capture

SnapView is a secure image capture application for Apple devices and is a key component of the Ncompass Enterprise Imaging platform.

Icon Radiology
Novarad AI Diagnostic Assistant | COVID Diagnosis

Novarad AI COVID-19 Diagnostic Assistant leverages CT scans and artificial intelligence to quickly diagnose, isolate and treat patients. 

Icon Teleradiology
NovaPRO | Teleradiology

NovaPRO is a complete PACS and RIS solution for radiology reading groups.

Icon Surgical Navigation
OpenSight | Surgical Navigation

OpenSight is a surgical planning system that uses augmented reality to register imaging studies accurately onto a patient in real-time for increased surgical accuracy and confidence.

Icon Surgical Navigation
VisAR | Surgical Navigation

VisAR is the successor to the OpenSight program, developed with a focus on intraoperative use.