Break down imaging silos and manage PACS and all medical images with one viewer

Novarad's PACS with Enterprise Imaging (NovaPACS EI) transforms the way your facility stores, presents, and shares medical images, multimedia, and patient information.

NovaPACS EI is an advanced PACS System with enterprise imaging built-in. It allows facilities to do Radiology, Cardiology, Pathology, Mammography, etc., but also provides the framework and tools for encounter-based imaging captured throughout the hospital or system. 

  • Patient Centric Universal Viewer
  • Enterprise Archive (Vender Neutral Archive)
  • Departmental Workflows
  • Patient Image and Information Sharing
  • Image Enables EMR/HIS

The NovaPACS EI scales from large hospitals down to a Critical Access Hospital. Manage patients with chronic or complex conditions, through all episodes of patient care are connected across the diagnostic and treatment journey. 

  • NovaPACS EI meets or exceeds industry leading security and HIPAA requirements with all its modules
  • Disaster recovery is always included
  • NovaPACS EI is evergreen, which means all upgrades are included at no charge
  • Best of all, NovaPACS EI is supported by our best-in-class, US-based, 24/7 Support team
Universal Viewer optimizes case management for reducing readmissions.
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A powerful way to visualize and share the complete picture of a disease.
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Why NovaPACS EI is critical to your hospital/facility?

  • Breaks down patient information silos
  • Image enables your EMR with a patient centric Universal Viewer
  • Provides the right information at the right time for more accurate diagnosis
  • Assists in providing value-based care
  • Improves doctor-patient engagement with the power of storyboards
  • Improves multi-specialty and across department collaboration
  • Improves operational efficiencies and cost management

Novarad's PACS with Enterprise Imaging provides the viewer and management for all medical images including those created in Radiology and Cardiology, but also all the visible light images captured throughout the rest of the hospital.

Enterprise Imaging Ecosystem

Manage all Departmental Images

Radiology Workflow Module (PACS and RIS)

Radiologists are faced with the challenge of rising caseloads with large data sets while balancing turnaround times. The Novarad ecosystem provides a hyper-efficient reading system that allows physicians to manage all modalities and utilize advanced processing, advanced tools, and workflow automation, all on a single workstation. Bring the joy back in radiology reading.

  • Worklist management allows the Radiologist to only see cases by specialty, licensure, and other condition
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Alerts for worklist prioritization based on clinical priority and contracted SLA
  • MPR, Image Fusion, AI, and 3D included
  • On-premises or cloud system options
  • Scalable and highly customizable for each user
  • Integrates with ANY EMR or EHR
  • Supports remote reading
  • All modalities in a single viewer
  • Supports up to five monitor configurations
  • 2-click radius menu means quick access to dozens of tools
Go-Mobile Platform
  • eForms provides a paperless experience
  • Appointment notifications

     MobileRad Text Logo
  • MobileRad mobile application for Radiologists

    SnapView Logo Sans Shadow
  • SnapView captures visible light images directly into the VNA
  • Image Sharing

    AlertView Logo Sans Shadow
  • AlertView mobile application allows referring physicians to be notified of urgent results with key images on their mobile device.
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Highlighted Features:

Web-Deployed Viewer
Complete Customization
Intelligent Routing
Service Level Agreements
Single-click Nova 3D+
2-click Tool Access with Radius Menu
Worklist Management
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Supported Dictation Options

MModal Logo w 3M   NuanceLogo_Horz_k

Radiology Information System Workflow Module (Nova RIS®)

Modern Radiology Information System for efficient scheduling, procedure, and patient workflow management.

  • Multi-modality scheduling
  • Electronic Forms
  • Management Reports
  • Turn-around Time Report
  • HL7 integration with other systems
  • Clinical Decision Support (AUC)
  • Voice Recognition for transcription
  • NPI Integration
  • Optional Billing Module
  • Much more
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Patient Workflow Tab

Breast Care Workflow Module (NovaMG PRO®)

NovaMG PRO is an integrated mammography viewer with customized viewing sequences for hyper efficient workflows.

  • 2D breast imaging
  • 3D breast imaging
  • Synchronizations
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) throughout the workflow
  • Single-click workflow
  • Triage
  • Mammography tracking
  • Multi-modality
  • Time Domain Imaging
  • Under 30 minute setup

Supported Modalities all on the same workstation, MG, US, MRI, PET, CT, DR

Next-generation breast reporting and tracking system 

  • Reduce the Radiologist reading time
  • One-click for biopsy reporting
  • Shortcuts and automations with structured reporting and logical speech patterns to produce an in-depth, detailed report
  • "Automatic Recommendations" driven by the BIRADS and Density 
  • The Density, Findings, Conclusion, Recommendations, Overall Assessment Category are all determined and populated with just one click!
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Other Departmental Workflows and Workflow Modules




Orthopedic Workflow Module (NovaOrtho®) 

NovaOrtho is a complete orthopedic PACS.

  • Orthopedic templating
  • Orthopedic storyboarding
  • Orthopedic measurement tools for specialized viewing
  • Preoperative planning


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Cardiac Workflow Module (NovaCardio®)

Full cardiology suite.

  • All motion cardiac imaging
  • Structured reporting
  • EKG, CTA, Cardiac Ultrasound, MRI, and Angio
  • Quick comparison of priors
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Wound Care Workflow

Allows clinicians to capture all wound care related imaging.

  • Visible light images from digital cameras
  • Videos
  • Easily shared with referring physicians
  • Available from EMR
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Nursing Workflow

The clinicians have full view of the chart with images and cross-correlation with labs and biopsies, etc.

  • Visual space managing recovery planning
  • Monitoring
  • Tracking disease state trends
  • Case management and closure.
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Pathology Workflow

View the entire patient workup displaying pathology, biopsy reports next to radiology images.

  • Image enable LIS
  • Receives images from pathology modalities
  • Use in tumor boards


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Emergency Department Workflow

Capture images and videos from the ED along with access to radiology and cardiology images.

  • Visible light images from digital cameras
  • Upload and store videos such as documenting behaviors
  • Radiology/cardiology and laboratory viewing
  • Image enabled EMR/HIS
ED Storyboard



Image and Patient Information Sharing Workflow Module (CryptoChart™)

Share patient medical images and records with both patients and other clinicians safely and efficiently with a simple, yet highly secure QR or secure web access code.

  • No usernames or passwords
  • Scan QR code to view images
  • Web Access code expiration date configurable
Cryptochart BW-1



Ophthalmology Workflow

  • Visible light images from digital cameras
  • Space to treat a patient with collaborative care bringing
  • Upload and store videos to document progress
  • Radiology/ophthalmology and laboratory viewing for chronic illness
  • Image enabled EMR/HIS


Story Board Opthalmology-1




Other  Supported "Ologies" Workflows

Similar workflows can be used with Dermatology, Gastroenterology, and Pulmonology.

  • Images from those modalities can be ingested directly for those departments
  • Visible light images or videos captured
  • Bring the specialists together for collaboration and team-oriented decision-making
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