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Simple, secure access to medical images and reports without CDs, logins or passwords.

Modernized Medical Image and Information Sharing for Increased Simplicity and Security.

Named MedTech Breakthrough's "Best New Radiology Solution" for 2020, CryptoChart™ is the cloud-based medical imaging solution you can use to safely and efficiently provide patient medical images and records using a simple, yet highly secure CryptoChart code. With that code, your patients can access their images anytime, anywhere, and easily share them by sending a text message or email.

If you are a patient looking for assistance with CryptoChart, please reach out to the facility from which you originally received the information.

For more information as a referring physician, please visit this page

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"We love it! It’s simple and the demo pretty much provided us with enough info to get up, running and efficient." Steve Ryerson, IT Director, Ramapo Radiology Associates
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System Requirements & Security Information

Here are system requirements for the client machine you will be installing the software on:

  • 35 GB of free space on the receiving drive
  • 4GB RAM
  • Be on a current Microsoft-supported operating system
  • Be on the same network as your PACS or DICOM modality
  • Have either a static IP address or a dynamic IP address with an address reservation
  • Administrator access on the receiving machine so the Windows firewall can be configured for you
  • For additional firewalls, have the following ports open:

o            Port 104 must be open to accepting TCP inbound connections.

o            Port 443 must be open to allow HTTPS outbound connections.

  • The installer comes in the form of a signed .exe file; you may need to accept it as safe in your anti-virus.
  • A printer accessible by the machine
  • Do not have Novarad software already installed on your machine or install of the Diagnostic Assistant will fail.
  • Time-limited access code duration controlled by the site
  • Provides you with a 25-character encryption strength random Web Access Code for further security
  • Option to require patient DOB
  • The patient controls who can access their PHI
  • Highly encrypted optical CryptoChart code
  • Web interface leaves no PHI behind
  • All information transferred through SSL -- encrypted in transit as well as at rest
  • Receives images from any DICOM source
  • Multiple viewing options -- PC, Mac, smartphone, tablets, and more 
  • Plug-and-play HTML5 viewer
  • Easy to use -- no special training required
  • Site-to-site sharing with time-limited access codes
  • A security system that vastly exceeds HIPAA requirements 

How does CryptoChart help you?

  • Arm your marketers with the competitive advantage of providing a better patient and physician experience.

  • Ease the burden for IT with a 25-character encryption strength, random web access code. The viewer works on any mobile device or desktop. 

  • Delight your patients with a fast, easy way to share and manage their own information.
  • Improve patient care Treatment can be expedited and patient safety is increased by reducing reimaging.
  • Save time for referring physicians
    by providing critical patient information instantly - without CDs, logins, or passwords.

How does CryptoChart work? It's simple. 

Download and deploy on your own hardware with your own printers. 30-day free trial available for software.

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What's included? 

Executable download that will install the CryptoChart client 

8.5x11" printer template

Software upgrades for the life of the product

System health monitor

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What's needed?

A static IP address, or dynamic IP address with an address reservation.

A computer that meets minimum specifications, is on the same network as your PACS or modality and has Internet access.

A network printer accessible by the computer. 

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A Risk-Free Investment

We're so confident you'll love it, we're offering 30 days' use with a money-back guarantee.   

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