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Novarad releases enterprise-wide, software-only version of its ...

Novarad -  
24 June 2021
SALT LAKE CITY—June 24, 2021—Novarad Corporation, a leader in the development of medical imaging software, today announced the availability of a software-only version of its ...
COVID-19 News Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Novarad Wins Second Consecutive MedTech Breakthrough Award

Novarad -  
6 May 2021
SALT LAKE CITY – May 6, 2021 – Novarad, a leader in transformative imaging technologies, today announced that its COVID-19 AI Diagnostic Assistant has been selected as the winner ...
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Novarad Launches COVID-19 Artificial Intelligence Software, Available ...

Novarad -  
3 November 2020
SALT LAKE CITY – Nov. 3 – Novarad, a leader in transformative imaging technologies, is launching its new COVID-19 AI Diagnostic Assistant worldwide to make fast, accurate ...
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Radiology Social Media Patient Experience

4 ways radiology can enhance the patient experience

Paul Shumway, VP of Client Services, Novarad -  
25 June 2021
June 25, 2021 -- The world has changed pretty dramatically in the past few years. Even before the pandemic, healthcare "consumerism" and value-based care models compelled ...
Radiology COVID-19 Budget Workflow Clinic Mobile

Diagnostic Imaging: The Benefits of Putting a New Lens on “Consumer” ...

Paul Shumway, VP of Client Services, Novarad -  
28 May 2021
  This is a preview of the article that originally appeared in Diagnostic Imaging on May 28, 2021.   What do these advancements bring to imaging departments?   The temporary ban ...
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Factors to Look at When Considering Using a Radiology Imaging ...

Novarad -  
26 August 2021
Every diagnostic imaging service aims to produce diagnostic images of excellent quality without compromising patient safety standards. To maintain this, partnering with the right ...

Impact on Radiologists with Increased Reading Volume in an Imaging ...

Novarad -  
24 August 2021
A single radiologist can perform numerous procedures, read over 150 studies a day, and work an average of eight- to sixteen-hour shifts. In addition, their workload is quickly ...

How to Increase Profits of a Radiology Practice

Novarad -  
19 August 2021
Today, several factors pose a threat to the historically high and growing profit margins in the radiology space. Ranging from increased competition to consistently changing ...

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