Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation

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The entire operative footprint of VisAR

Transformative navigation technology where 2D or 3D images are superimposed over the patient's body allowing for unparalleled precision.

  • Navigational views and integrated targeting system

  • Precise instrument tracking (+/- 1mm) accuracy

  • Real-time 3D reconstruction and segmentation

  • Pre-operative planning

  • Intraoperative immersive viewing

  • 2-minute setup in the OR

"This is a transformative technology that provides the precision of a robot, the portability of a stethoscope, and the versatility of human-powered intelligence. Like a surgical GPS, VisAR provides a roadmap to guide the surgeon" - Dr. Wendell Gibby M.D.


Image taken from VisAR in sacral fracture


VisAR cranial base surgery


Image taken from VisAR showing meningioma resection

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  • FDA Cleared

  • Full Technology Stack

    Advanced security, advanced AI-powered segmentation, pre-operative planning, virtual tools, and augmentation tags

  • Enterprise-wide

    System supports all hospital ORs

  • Accuracy During Surgery

    Continuous registration and tracking adjust with patient movement and provide sub-millimeter registration accuracy 

Key Features

Automatic Continuous Registration During Surgery

Optical registration tags and trackers are used to register images to a patient and patented technology provides continuous registration and sub-millimeter accuracy during surgery.

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  • Streamlined workflows built into the application
  • Integrated targeting system
  • Off-the-shelf Hardware

    Off-the-shelf AR headset technology, allows for lower cost, interoperability, and deep security

  • Automated Workflows and Voice UI

    Built-in automation for calibration, deploying, and registering images to the patient. Voice-activated for hands-free use


Operative Planning Application

Allows for pre-operative planning, tracker and tag placement, virtual landmark registration, and instrument planning.

Advanced image processing and manipulation.


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Instant retrieval of cases using a QR code

Image datalink with series, annotations, logins, users, URL, and passwords encrypted into a QR code that instantly retrieves patient case for hands-free operation.


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Surgeons have different workflow needs. VisAR provides various methods to meet those needs. A single command can initiate workflows with visual and verbal instructions to assist the surgeon.


Navigational Views

The image shows 2D sagittal, coronal, and axial views. VisAR reference display shows the actual instrument path vs. planned trajectory.


Gibby Nav Views



Immersive View

Focus on the patient, not a monitor.


Instrument View Target

Built-in targeting system provides a "target-locked" visual indicator. 


VisAR target


Disruptive Technology

VisAR augmented reality is the future.

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“With this technology, it will be a game changer for Orthopedic Oncology because it is all about the margins. This will give us the opportunity to see the anatomy and the pathology, real-time in surgery."

Dr. Dadia Solomon, Chief of Orthopedic Oncology



VisAR is currently FDA-cleared for intraoperative stereotactic spinal surgical guidance, for both minimally invasive (MISS) and open surgery. Additional FDA submissions are pending.

Supported Specialties

Compilation of comments from various surgeons using VisAR

University of Utah and VisAR

Comments on using VisAR for an ACL repair

Using augmented reality to place a tough T5-T6 thoracic epidural catheter placement

Shows VisAR's ability to plan real-time while in the OR using a spin CT and ultrasound

VisAR is a disruptor for conventional navigation. It democratizes access and provides fast ROI

VisAR was used to place a catheter between T5 and T6 and it was so easy the anesthesiologist was doubtful it went in correctly. It did.

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Pioneering Surgical Navigation


View and Navigate Using Ultrasound in an OR

The VisAR system can integrate with ultrasound allowing a surgeon to fuse a previously taken CT with a real-time ultrasound in an operating room environment.

Dr. Michael Karsy

"This is ground breaking, revolutionary technology!"

Dr. Gary Onik
Orthopedic Oncologist

"The VisAR system allows a physician to conduct complex surgical procedures in the most minimally invasive manner. This is how surgery will be performed in the future."

Dr. Arjun Sebastion
Orthopedic Surgeon

“This is the first time I’ve ever used any type of navigation technology that allows me to focus on where we’re working on the patient and also utilize navigation at the same time.” 


Dr. Ted Andrews
Spinal Surgeon

"I just trusted the system (VisAR) and placed screws that went against the tactile feedback and training. The proof is in the pudding, they were all correct!"

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