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Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation

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This is groundbreaking, revolutionary technology."  

Dr. Michael Karsy, MD, pHD, Neurosurgeon, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Neurooncology, and Skull Base, University of Utah Medical Center

“This is transformational technology that provides the precision of a robot, the portability of a stethoscope and the versatility of human powered intelligence. Like a surgical GPS, VisAR provides a roadmap to guide the surgeon to the pathology of interest.” Dr. Wendell Gibby
Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation

VisAR transforms a patient’s imaging data into a 3-dimensional hologram which is visible through an optical visor and superimposed onto the patient with submillimeter accuracy. This allows the surgeon to focus directly on the surgical objective without looking away at a separate monitor. Most surgeries are performed without navigation due to the impediments of cost and setup time. The VisAR system is a big step towards making precision surgical guidance widely available and economically feasible. 



VisAR is currently FDA cleared for interoperative stereotactic spinal surgical guidance, for both minimally invasive (MISS) and open surgery. Additional FDA submissions are pending. 

Augmented and Mixed Reality Surgery

*FDA pending for Oncology

Novarad is a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner      

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Surgical navigation system

Minimal OR Footprint

Most operative systems tether the doctor to the system and the operating room. VisAR is an untethered system that puts the entire OR footprint into the Hololens on the surgeon's head. It is the smallest OR footprint available today. The headsets can be moved from suite to suite, and the doctor can be free to move about the operating room.

Advanced Workflows 

Advanced workflows walk the surgeon through the procedure with both visual and voice instructions. For example, the ‘Surgical Workflow’ that walks a doctor through the full setup of the VisAR system including calibration of eyes, room, device, and deployment of the software. This workflow automation reduces training costs and allows them to be up and running in minutes without the aid of a rep or product expert.

Key Features

  • Navigation views
  • Instrument Tracking (FDA pending)
  • Real-time 3D Reconstruction 
  • Integrated Targeting System 
  • Voice User Interface (VUI)
  • Preoperative Planning
  • Preoperative Segmentation
  • Continuous Registration
  • "Two Minute" Set-up in an OR

Off-the-shelf Hardware

Novarad has partnered with Microsoft to utilize off-the-shelf AR headset technology which allows for lowered cost and the ability to leverage expected hardware advancements. The untethered wirelessly connected Microsoft HoloLens 2 visor worn by the physician results in the smallest OR footprint of any system on the market. No other navigation equipment is required. VisAR is built on the Novarad imaging technology solution stack that provides interoperability, HIPAA compliance, image management, and deep security. 

Full Technology Stack

Novarad has over 30 years of medical imaging expertise. The VisAR system is built on a full technology stack built and developed over many years. Advanced technologies include: Object Store, encryption at rest and in transit, HIPAA logging, LDAP login, remote diagnostics and configuration, advanced security, advanced AI powered segmentation, virtual tools and augmentation tags.

VisAR Solution Stack V5-03

Automation and Voice User Interface

In order to improve efficiency for the physician and the supporting staff, VisAR has built in automation for calibrating the device, deploying the images, and registering images to the patient.

  • Continuous registration to maintain accuracy and speeds set up time
  • QR code auto-retrieve eliminates the need for a doctor to remember user names and passwords and automatically uploads the images
  • Hands-free voice interface enables the doctor to perform the procedures and surgeries without having to use their hands
  • VUI includes a built-in help system that guides them through the voice commands

Regulatory and Compliance 

View FDA 510 K approval for Stereotactic Spinal Surgical Guidance

surgical navigation
surgical navigation system
augmented reality spine surgery

Cranial Surgical Guidance

*FDA Pending

Interventional Radiology

*FDA Pending

"The VisAR system allows a physician to conduct complex surgical procedures in the most minimally invasive manner. This is how surgery will be performed in the future." Dr. Gary Onik, Interventional Oncologist

Cloud-Enabled Solution Overview

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