Augmented Reality Spinal Surgical Navigation

Stereotactic Spine Surgery with VisAR


“It’s my first experience with any type of augmented reality. The footprint is extremely small, and the setup time was actually incredibly quick. This type of navigation technology allows me to focus on where we’re working on the patient and utilize navigation at the same time.”

-Dr. Arjun Sebastian, Neurosurgeon, Mayo Clinic

"This will immediately change how we perform surgery because it can rapidly decrease the amount of time in the OR and get the patient off the table faster with confidence that screws are placed accurately." 

- Dr. Ted Andrews, Spine Surgeon, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

  • Small Operative Footprint
  • Enterprise Scalable
  • Continuous Registration
  • Integrated Navigational Views
  • FDA Cleared
  • Lower Cost
  • 2-min OR Setup


Indications for Use

Indications for the use of VisAR include an array of spinal procedures such as pain management, implant placement, endoscopic navigation, pedicle screw placement, and percutaneous discectomy. (1)-1


To demonstrate the reliability of VisAR, Novarad performed a study on 7 cadavers that were instrumented with 124 pedicle screws (64 open spine, and 59 MISS) using VisAR exclusively for preoperative planning and surgical guidance of screw insertion. This results showed that VisAR is highly accurate for both types of surgeries. (Read the full study here)

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96% Accuracy 

 Placement of screws using VisAR had a 96% accuracy (Gertzbein-Robbins grade A or B).



"It is not doing the job for you, but it's an added tool that improves your accuracy." 


MISS Placement of Pedicle Screws

Placement of  MISS pedicle screws using VisAR had a 95% accuracy (Gertzbein-Robbins grade A or B).



This is an earlier video showing the power of VisAR in minimally invasive placement of pedicle screws.

FDA Cleared Badge (2)     


VisAR is currently FDA-cleared for intraoperative stereotactic spinal surgical guidance, for both minimally invasive (MISS) and open surgery. Additional FDA submissions are pending.

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