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Novarad's Current Technology Patents

Patents Received

Aligning Image Data of a Patient with Actual Views of the Patient Using an Optical Code Affixed to the Patient

Patent # 10,825,563


Incorporation of Statistical Strength into Voxels in an fMRI Image

Patent #10,229,500


Generation and Viewing of Panoramic Images

Patent # 9,741,166


Augmented Reality Viewing and Tagging for Medical Procedures

Patent #10,010,379


Augmenting Real-Time Views of a Patient with Three Dimensional Data

Patent # 9,892,564
Patent # 10,475,244
Patent # 11,004,271


Productivity Monitoring

Patent #9,978,027



Patents Pending

Using Optical Codes with Augmented Reality Displays

Calibration for Augmented Reality

Secure Access to Stored Data Files Using Tokens Encoded in Optical Codes

Alignment of Medical Images in Augmented Reality Displays