The future of healthcare is mobile


Make the life of your referring physicians better.

MobileRad 360® is an ecosystem of mobile applications empowering physicians and radiology department staff with the ability to truly go mobile.

Whether it’s snapping a non-DICOM image of a burn patient or signing a report from the golf course, MobileRad 360 extends your practice to the pocket of each physician. 

  • Communicate quickly with referring physicians
  • Capture non-DICOM images, documents
  • View schedule, worklist, and patient info
  • Skip logins and passwords
  • Share images, reports, and information with hyper-secure encrypted text or QR code

For a single per-study fee a facility can utilize all or one of the features/benefits. The ecosystem includes each of the following applications:

MicrosoftTeams-image (273)

Securely take your radiology department mobile

Mobile Access:
Read studies, schedule appointments, access patient records, and consult with others securely from your phone.

Mobile Work Management:
View and manage your schedule, tasks, and appointments. 

Instant Communication:
Secure physician/physician, tech/physician, and admin/physician messaging.

Multifactor authentication and advanced security measures ensure HIPAA compliance.

MobileRAD provides mobility to radiologists, adding the ability to message doctor to doctor and staff to doctor, while adding multifactor authentication for enhanced security.


Alert View HB

Instant mobile alerts for physicians

Instant Alerts:
Automatically send and receive reports/images.

Advanced Communication:
Engage in quick, secure interactions with physicians for streamlined, convenient connection.

Anywhere Access:
Doctors receive encrypted link.

Increased Efficiency:
No sign in. No passwords to remember.

View history of when documents were received.

Send diagnostic reports and key images to referring physicians through a secure text link providing instant access for quicker turnaround.


Snap View HB

Rapid and secure image capturing and management for the enterprise

Securely capture images/documents and upload to patient file.

Organize images and data by department.

Save Time:
Rapid and secure nursing wound-care, dermatology, and other departmental documentation.

Follow-up Care:
View patient history and images in one location.

Use supported devices to capture images without leaving behind any PHI.

Capture photos, videos, and audio files for upload directly into the archive for instant organization and use.



Universal Patient Viewer provides a full reference viewer for all hospital imaging.

Securely capture both DICOM and non-DICOM images/documents and upload to patient file.

Visualize the entire patient jacket and be able to storyboard disease and the treatment path.

Bridge Imaging and the EMR:
Image enable the EMR at the patient level.

Break Down Silos:
Eliminate information silos in the hospital with enterprise imaging for all physicians within the facility.

Follow-up Care:
View patient history and images in one location.

Use supported devices to capture images without leaving behind any PHI.

"It allows me to storyboard the continuum of care of a patient for a disease state across my hospital."

Mobile Ecosystem

CryptoChart Full Color Logo Horizontal 

Seamless sharing of patient medical images/records

Ease of Use:
No username, password, or login required.

Time and Money:
Eliminate patient CDs and reduce staff time.

Patient Experience:
Securely provide patients and referring physicians digital access to imaging and medical records.

Competitive Edge:
Make your referral doctors happy.

Industry-leading Security & Interoperability:
Enhanced security features, no PHI stored on mobile device, and works with any PACS or modality.

Using CryptoShare you can send medical images directly to doctors outside your facility with a secure text link.

Cryptochart by Novarad