A comprehensive breast imaging solution that integrates with Enterprise Imaging

Breast Care with NovaMG PRO® 



Breast Imaging Solution

Integrated mammography viewer that enables you to ergonomically read a wide variety of breast imaging studies as well as studies from all other specialties all in one place.

  • Web-deployed viewing for remote reads
  • 2D and 3D breast imaging
  • Tool synchronizations across current and priors
  • Built-in checks to ensure complete visualization of images
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
  • High score workup triage
  • Mammography tracking and reporting
  • All radiology viewed from same workstation
  • Intelligent routing
  • Worklist management
  • Patient structured reporting available
  • BI-RAD compliant reports
  • Up to five monitor setup supported
  • Same worklist tools as Radiology
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Automation for Speed and Accuracy

Efficient workflows achieve faster reads for high volume environments leading to higher patient output.

  • Mammography specific tools
  • Single-click workflow
  • Customizable mammography specific protocols for screening and diagnostic studies
  • Automatic sizing and image placement maximize monitor real estate
  • Synchronized navigations and visualization tools across multiple priors
  • User profiles follow clinicians
  • Under 30 minute setup
  • Automations throughout the workflow
  • Mammography reporting and tracking
  • Cloud-based management
  • Automated MQSA and analytics
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Do More with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can improve doctor efficiency, lower false negatives in cancer detection, and assist in quality assurance of images. Optional modules provide:

  • Triage
  • AI image navigation
  • Objective feedback on calcifications and soft tissue lesions
  • 2D (FFDM) and 3D (DBT) image AI
  • Worklist AI with a notification triage score to prioritize cases
  • Worklist AI high scores alert workflow protocols throughout the facility
  • Remove the need for double reading, without affecting outcomes

   *AI powered by Nova AI, Ikonopedia, Transpara




Remote reading is key for radiologists to work more efficiently. Cases are cached and pre-processed for the fastest workflow.

  • Optimizes working conditions and work schedule flexibility
  • NovaMG Pro is an adaptable delivery model for contracted reading
  • Web-based overflow reading solution
  • Provides quick results
  • Seamless reading experience
  • Perfect for onsite or remote reading
  • Cloud-based servers improves efficiency and availability with full access to the same viewer

Comprehensive telemammography solution is the bridge to greater access of breast expertise improving diagnoses and outcomes.


Available Solution Options

Stand-alone Workstation

NovaMG PRO can be a stand-alone workstation with any PACS or mammography modality.

Enterprise Solution

The breast care workflow module is available as part of NovaPACS EI. Existing NovaPACS EI users can turn it on in minutes.

*Includes Universal Viewer

Providing Breast Specialists with the Tools for Efficiency and Accuracy

Single-Click Workflow and Quick Setup

  • Customizable mammography workflows
  • Over 60 layouts to choose for a scalable workflow
  • Streamlined, single-click workflow to complete the reading process
  • Mammography-specific tools and functionality

Study Browser MG


3D Breast Imaging

  • View 2D and 3D breast tomosynthesis images with a picklist of side-by-side layouts
  • Quick case load times
  • Tomography navigation toolbar
  • Slab thickness and cine speed options
  • Supports image CAD and CAD AI values

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2D Breast Imaging

  • Eliminate or automate processes
  • Multiple prior management with synchronized tools across studies
  • Extra view placement configurations
  • Quality assurance alerts
  • User-friendly design with fewer clicks, fewer screens, and faster reporting
  • 1:1 with Zoom Quadrants with automated tracking

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Breast Imaging with Radiology

  • Integrated mammography viewer to read a wide variety of breast imaging studies
  • Interrupt feature to easily move from one viewer to the next without changing layouts
  • Automated routing by specialty
  • Full capability telemammography solution
  • Digital pathology image viewing

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Breast MRI

  • MRI Breast CAD
  • Multi-slice, multi-phase subtraction
  • Time domain imaging
  • Rate of enhancement
  • MPR
  • ROI Over Time

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Synchronized Navigations and Tools

Full suite of synchronized tools for current and priors.

  • Synchronize zoom
  • Pan
  • Magnify glass
  • Other tools

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Automated MQSA and Analytics

  • Remain compliant with MQSA
  • Notification and follow-up system manages all patient tracking and communication
  • Reminder letters, phone calls and certified/registered mail, based on customized user-defined protocols
  • Letters can be personalized by BI-RADS category, breast density, exam type, and risk assessment score
  • Batch printing with facility logos and government-mandated language
  • Full-enterprise mammography audit that captures all data mandated by the Mammography Quality Standards Act, with no additional data entry
  • Manage data complexity with analytic dashboards
  • Measure high-level clinical and administrative data and trends, such as exam counts over a period of time, rates of malignancy, etc.
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Harnessing the Power of Enterprise Imaging in Women's Health

Tumor Boards

Provides clinicians a full view of the patient’s chart with images, labs, and biopsies with a single point of access across specialties

  • Enables tumor boards to remotely collaborate
  • Monitor progress and overall case management
  • Enables clinicians to connect and discuss complex cases with a national and international community of radiologists and clinicians confirms findings for improved diagnoses.
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Patient Education

The NovaMG PRO platform improves patient engagement when the physician can share a complete picture of the patient workup

  • Collaborate across specialties
  • Having more and better information can help a patient make better decisions about their care