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NovaMG PRO delivers the most advanced diagnostic breast imaging.

Enabling hospitals, imaging centers, women's health clinics, and more to efficiently and profitably provide the most advanced diagnostic imaging available.

Efficiently deliver fast and accurate results

With breast cancer, getting accurate answers quickly is key to reducing patient anxiety, determining treatment, and ensuring the best possible outcomes. NovaMG PRO is a powerful telemammography solution that empowers radiologists to provide those answers – faster, more conveniently and at a significantly lower cost than similar solutions.

Work and collaborate remotely

Having the ability to work remotely is key to ensuring a safe work environment as well as maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Unlike other solutions, NovaMG PRO is accessible over the web and is seamlessly integrated with NovaPACS, enabling you to read and collaborate with other physicians – anytime, from any location.

Easily customize efficient workflows

NovaMG PRO workflows are “drag and drop”, so they’re easy to use and easy to customize. NovaMG PRO includes a wide range of standard and custom hanging protocols, providing immediate, intuitive access to other relevant mammography studies. Fully integrated dictation/voice recognition eliminates the need for transcription.

Full support for tomosynthesis

NovaMG PRO offers full support for tomosynthesis including cine controls, thumbnail reference map, slab thickness control, and magnification. CAD markers are also displayed and may be toggled on and off.

With NovaMG PRO hospitals, imaging centers, women's health clinics, and other health facilities can efficiently, and profitably, provide the most advanced diagnostic imaging available.

Optional tracking and MQSA reporting

Partnering with PenRad, NovaMG PRO offers the option to add Pentrac,
a program designed to improve efficiency and standardization in mammography, patient tracking and MQSA reporting.

The program enhances patient care workflow by automating management of patient recalls and reminders, letter generation, statistics and MQSA reports, saving time and money.

Easy to use

The seamless integration with NovaPACS means there’s no additional admin training needed. Users experience consistent mouse and keyboard settings for all radiology types and use the same dictation profile, method and microphone.

Novarad has been delivering industry-leading radiology solutions since 1988.

Our transformational technology, people-centered approach, and exceptional service enable healthcare providers to provide accurate answers – fast, minimizing patient vulnerability.

Key features

  • Seamless integration with NovaPACS and Nova RIS (multi-modality workstation). 
  • Consistent mouse and keyboard settings for all radiology studies.
  • Use of the same dictation profile, method, and microphone across all modalities. 
  • Single workstation to seamlessly read mammography and non-mammography studies. 
  • Cross-correlation with US, MRI, MRA graphical information, pathology images, specimen images, reports, patient diagrams, photos, and videos in one central location as a visual space to collaborate for tumor board meetings, case management, and across multi-specialty physicians.
  • Workflow integration with density scores, risk assessments, and decay rates from any vendor.
  • Support for up to five monitors. 
  • Assign study types to specific monitors. 
  • Smart image layout to detect a screening from the diagnostic exam.
  • Advanced viewing protocols to manage multiple priors.
  • Automatic sizing and placement of images to maximize monitor real estate.
  • Integration with Smart AI systems in 2D and 3D for decision support aiding in breast cancer detection and diagnosis.
  • Synchronized navigation and visualization tools across multiple priors.
  • Skin border detection to confine Window/Level to the anatomical area of interest. 
  • Direct connection to the PACS database.
  • DICOM query retrieval capabilities.
  • Advanced mammography-specific routing capabilities.
  • Automatic prior retrieval 
  • Quality Standards Act
  • 510(k) cleared 
NovaMG PRO Image Examples

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