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    Medical Technology Pioneers

    Novarad is at the forefront of medical technology & imaging. Our expertise and innovative spirit make healthcare better for everyone.

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    Best-In-Class Support & Implementation

    Novarad's friendly, USA-based teams are always ready to ensure you continue operating smoothly whenever you require assistance.

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    Relentless Innovation

    Novarad is committed to endless innovation. Our goal is to keep improving healthcare technology, making it better and more efficient every day.

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    Enterprise Scale

    Novarad's solutions are designed to grow with your operation. Whether you are a large hospital, a radiology group, a rural hospital, an imaging center, or a clinic, we can support your growth.

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    Cloud, On-Premises, Edge & Hybrid Solutions

    Medical imaging & technology solutions that fit your specific needs, from cloud-based to on-site, edge, or hybrid systems.

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    Every Hospital, Clinic & Imaging Center

    For every healthcare facility, regardless of size or specialty, we offer innovative medical technology solutions designed to meet your needs.

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Software Solutions for Every Enterprise

Novarad’s software includes customizable medical imaging solutions for 500+ bed hospitals down to 26 bed hospitals, critical access hospitals, and rural hospitals. We are experts in the deployment of PACS and medical imaging and information software solutions for hospitals, radiology groups, imaging centers, and clinics.

More than our products

We understand the pain points of physicians and their teams. Whether it’s migrating to a cloud-oriented solution to manage imaging information across a large hospital, speeding up workflow, or you’re simply tired of burning CDs, our suite of tools has a solution for you and your team.

"Novarad has been a phenomenal company to work with!  We are happy with the PACS and CryptoChart services.  Whenever we have any issues we are confident that our Novarad service team will continue to work on it until working properly.  We appreciate their prompt response and professional team to keep our Critical Access Hospital up and running so we can get our images to the next level of care!"

Autumn W. Director of Radiology

"I have used many PACS systems throughout my Healthcare career and Novarad PACS is by far my favorite!  I love the ease of using the Novarad software for both PACS and RIS.  Novarad PACS and RIS are both extremely user friendly, easy to move around and do not require an IT degree to manipulate or navigate through!

Lacie C. Imaging Manager

“As always, your support team is exceptional! Any engineer that answers is always helpful, patient, and educational. They are great at following up with us, and they always follow through with what they say.”

Alyse U. PACS Administrator

"NOVARAD has reliable service and exceptional staff who are there every step of the way. The systems offered are user friendly, cost effective, and have helped us get the results our patients need for their health."

Rosanna R. Physician Owner

"We chose NovaRad and their PACS and RIS products during their infancy stage back in 2008 and felt we were getting more value for our money than any of the other systems out there. We were not wrong and have had nothing but a positive experience with NovaRad for over 14 years now."

Brandon M. Radiology Director

"NovaRIS helped me troubleshoot orders: merging studies and reconciling reports, troubleshoot HL7 issues using the event and audit logs in the admin console, and create various management reports."

Rudy M. Imaging System Analyst

"Very easy to use. Quickly and easily view workflow and search reports."

April M. Radiology Director

"It is wonderful with NovaRad. All diagnostics can be accurately reviewed anywhere with a mobile phone. I like it more than other systems I have used."

Gamalshawky A. Radiology Director

HL7 integration is one of the most important features I like with the product, it gives us seamless communication between different vendors enterprise. Orders and results are seamlessly crossing over without issues. NovaPACS EI is a game changer product period.”

Allan M. Radiology Manager

“Interoperability, security and support by the Novarad team was exceptional. It was critical that we utilized a PACs system that could interface with our EHR, Novarad has the experience and expertise we needed. The Implementation team was engaged and informative.”

Cheryl T. Director Health Systems

“NovaPACS EI is a great software/system that is very user-friendly. Other hospital systems are easily able to interface with NovaPACS EI. Their IT team is approachable and readily available to assist when troubleshooting is necessary.”

Juan R. Director of Imaging Services

“NovaPACS EI is a user friendly solution for storage of imaging and reports. The PACS has many viewer options that can be tailored to a specific user. Retrieval of images is fast, and the display is very adequate. User tools such as zoom and changing contrast and density of the image enhance viewing images. We used NovaPACS EI for 10 years and then added CT imaging to our storage system. The transition was made seamlessly. Support is wonderful and resolves most issues in a timely manner.”

Karen O. Radiology Supervisor

“The initial setup was quick and easy. The support staff are extremely helpful with training and quickly available when a question arises. NovaPACS EI is user friendly for techs to upload images and route. NovaPACS EI has been great overall! Easy to send over images from modality, upload images for comparisons, upload documents, and route to desired destination.”

Colby O. Manager

It is very rare that we experience issues with Novarad PACS or RIS, but when those issues do arise, Novarad support is just a phone call away!  The support team may not have the answer for resolution immediately, but they are a customer service and patient care focused team and understand the importance of getting our system back up and running as expected as soon as possible!"

Imaging Manager

Our clients' trust fuels our innovation

Novarad is the industry leader in enterprise medical imaging. Our experience building solutions for Radiology, Cardiology, Mammography, and more has established us as a trusted authority among those who know us. This trust fuels our continued innovation of future medical technology.

24/7 Customer Support

Portal Access

In the news

Novarad technology consistently grabs headlines. We led the charge in surgical navigation by integrating augmented reality with the Microsoft Hololens, among a myriad of other innovations. Discover the difference we make daily.

We forge alliances with healthcare leaders

It’s not just clients who rave about us. We partner across industries and integrate well with others to move healthcare forward.

Novarad is more than PACS & RIS. Novarad is a Medical Technology Pioneer. We provide hospitals and healthcare providers the best medical imaging solutions from radiology to nursing, surgery to medical records, and everything in-between. Novarad has been leading the way for decades in medical imaging; we now lead the way in surgical guidance, practice management and AI powered advanced image processing.

Novarad systems can be managed on premises or web deployed and are scalable to meet your needs. We are able to offer you unparalleled implementation and 24/7 support.

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