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ChameleonDR safely delivers the highest quality digital radiography

The best image processing solution together with the industry-leading detector and the lowest radiation dose... it's time to upgrade to DR.

Adaptive seamless integration

ChameleonDR adapts to your film or CR x-ray system allowing it to install right over the top of existing components. Once installed, ChameleonDR provides HD image quality and ease of use with up to 300% dose reduction depending on the procedure. It's all done through remarkable acquisition technologies built into the best HD detector panel and advanced image processing available.

A3= Unmatched image processing

A3 image post-processing technology automatically runs a host of advanced algorithms that take into account patient size/density, procedure, and essentially operate in harmony like a sound equalizer does for your favorite high-end audio system. Thus producing the highest quality, most well-balanced bone-to-tissue results a clinician could hope for. Radiology technicians will instantly recognize the amazing, sharp image quality as they appear for QC on their new 4K ultra HD touch screen workstation. What a difference a 15MP, perfectly adjusted image makes for a confident diagnosis.

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Complete turnkey solution

  • Automatic Exposure Detection means the detector panel activates when hit with x-rays
  • Intuitive user workflow, quickly QC images and route to the PACS
  • Two hours from arrival to use
  • Easy retrofit to existing Film or CR system
  • Generator, collimator, etc. all remain in use

Key benefits

  • Lightweight cassettes for conventional table or wall Bucky
  • Sharpest images available; automatic adjustments
  • Up to 300% reduced exposure depending on the procedure
  • HD image resolution (15MP), 100-pixel pitch
  • Auto-detected, interchangeable cassettes
  • Includes pre-populated database of x-ray procedures
  • Full 16-bit dynamic range
  • Exam room or hospital-wide solution
  • Lower kVp dramatically improves soft-tissue contrast
  • Variety of touch screen workstations to choose from

System inclusions

  • Technologist console workstation with 4K HD touch screen ChameleonDR software
  • DICOM Modality Work List
  • Store and forward to PACS
  • ChameleonDR HD Csl plat panel detectors
  • Novarad Central Command system health monitoring

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016, otherwise known as the Omnibus Bill, reduces Medicare payments for Film X-ray systems starting in 2017 by 20% and on Computed Radiology (CR) systems starting in 2018 by 7% for five years, and by 10% thereafter.

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