A User Configurable PACS Solution

NovaPACS’ revolutionary workflow infrastructure has been designed and developed using the expertise of radiology directors, technicians, PACS (medical abbreviation for Picture Archiving and Communication System) administrators for over 20 years. Built as a completely scalable solution, NovaPACS can be used in imaging centers, or in a hospital environment as a part of a complete enterprise imaging strategy. Our feature-rich PACS system is entirely user-configurable.



Cloud Based

Novarad has operated as a time-tested cloud solution ever since networks were capable of transporting time-sensitive medical images. We offer diverse operating models that include both on-site and off-site storage models. In fact, most of our customers are using a hybrid approach that combines cloud, hosted and on-premise storage. This hybrid approach is the number one preferred option for data storage among Novarad users, easing the burden to facilities yet maintaining full security and cost containment. As needs grow, we can scale up to meet customer needs without limitations on storage capacity


In the past year, Novarad engineers have added over 100 customer-requested features to our product. We have built our systems on the belief that the product should fit the workflow, not the workflow fit the product.

Disaster Recovery

Novarad was the first company to develop an archiving system that includes two copies of all images for seven years, both onsite and online with a secure, real-time copy to the cloud.

The seamless integration between Nova RIS™ and NovaPACS helps to improve overall efficiency throughout the enterprise.

Product Development

We are constantly improving our product to reflect both the latest technology and the demands of patients. During the past year we spent over 74,000 hours adding more than 100 customer requested features. For example, the newly developed Radius™ Menu which puts hundreds of powerful and unique features just a mouse click away, helping you breeze through studies.

Evergreen Program

We insist on providing our customers with the latest technology. Our Evergreen product program provides you with upgrades, feature enhancements, and the newest software and hardware at no additional cost to you, for the life of your contract.

Outstanding Support

We know your time is valuable. That’s why over 99% of our support requests are addressed within five minutes of calling Novarad. We also allow you to open cases via phone, email, web, or social media. 24/7/365 tech support is standard for the life of the contract.


With NovaPACS®, patient studies can be viewed from any computer at any of our facilities or from a referring physician’s office. NovaPACS also allows the radiologists to read studies performed at any of our facilities, from any of our facilities, making radiology workflow efficient and greatly reducing turnaround time for report dictation. NovaPACS is radiology workflow, improved.

Susan Huber, PACS Administrator

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