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NovaPACS is the original, unparalleled solution for radiology professionals

Advanced processing, ergonomics, and automation

Advanced features for speed and versatility 

NovaPACS is an ergonomic solution designed to let you read across a broad range of applications with unparalleled speed. With built-in mammography, 3D, and many other advanced capabilities, you can efficiently read and compare images without having to move between workstations or physical locations.

  • All-in-one workstation to view ultrasound, x-ray, CT, MRI, PET studies and more
  • Built-in hanging protocols and worklist for highly flexible radiology workflows
  • Optional module with hanging protocols and viewing for mammography and tomosynthesis
  • Advanced image processing and manipulation
  • Easy and secure information sharing with physicians inside and outside of your facility

Automation for maximum efficiency

Automation of clinical tasks allows you to focus on more critical work. NovaPACS offers many convenient automation features, including:

  • Auto check out
  • Auto-review
  • Auto-dictate start
  • Auto-sync series
  • Auto image sizing 
  • Auto cine
  • Auto 3D
  • Auto-segmentation
  • Prospective peer review and QA tools
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Market-Proven, Customizable PACS

Flexibility to meet your unique needs

NovaPACS is a scalable solution -- simple and easy to use, yet sophisticated and robust to support the enterprise imaging strategy for a large hospital network. Unlike other solutions, NovaPACS can also be easily customized to meet your organization's growing and changing needs.

  • Customizable worklists and workflows
  • Managed workstation for maximum speed with local images and quick GPU processing
  • Web-deployed workstation enables you to work when and where you need to
  • Intelligent routing to maintain preferred settings as you move from device to device 
  • Options for onsite, offsite and hybrid storage models, cloud-based and VM solutions

Proven reliability and ease of use 

With the highest standards of uptime and reliability, NovaPACS ensures dependable, consistent operations.

  • Unmatched reliability with 99.99% uptime
  • Easy to learn with a user-friendly, Windows-based interface
  • Backed by highly-rated, US-based support
  • Product updates and disaster recovery included
Programmable Mouse

Programmable mouse features allow instant access to many features without having to look away from images, such as:

  • Measure distance
  • Place arrow
  • Label
  • Reset cursor
  • Window/level
  • Scroll through images
  • Scroll series
  • Magnification
  • Pan
  • Create key image
  • Select image
  • Fullscreen

Novel Radius™ Menu enables quick access to hundreds of functions within 2 mouse-clicks

Radius Menu Image

Key features

With the highest standards of uptime and reliability, NovaPACS ensures dependable, consistent operations.

  • Superfast, runs on GPU
  • Customized worklists
  • Smart, built-in hanging protocols
  • Fast and easy information sharing with referring physicians inside or outside the hospital
  • Single study access for patient
  • Built-in peer review and QA tools
  • Key images and annotation navigation
  • Preliminary reporting workflows
  • HTML-5 web viewer
  • Web-based reading, dictating, and reporting
  • Diagnostic viewer with one-click web access
  • Customizable workflows
  • Intelligent routing capabilities with Intellirouting™
  • Dedicated admin console
  • Remote preference management for easy workstation setup
  • Facility level administrators supported as well as full administrators
  • View color images and videos
  • NovaPRO module lets doctors read cases from multiple facilities simultaneously

Advanced features

With the highest standards of uptime and reliability, NovaPACS ensures dependable, consistent operations.

  • 3D and 4D
    • MPR/MIP/3D/4D
    • PET with SUV
    • Image fusion
    • Virtual colonoscopy
    • CAD
    • DTI
    • fMRI
  • Segmentation
    • Anatomic atlases
    • Body fat analysis
    • Neural networks to find anatomy
    • Virtual 3D annotation
  • Time Domain Imaging (TDI)
    • Multi-frame, multi-slice subtraction
    • Colorized rate of enhancement CAD
    • Cine phase contrast
    • ROI over time
    • Flow volume
    • Perfusion
  • Cardiac
    • Percent stenosis
    • Ejection fraction
    • EKG viewer
    • Vessel metrics
    • Volumetric analysis
    • Calcium scoring
    • Echocardiogram measurements
  • Digital Image Enhancement
    • Local contrast enhancement
    • Auto histogram equalization 
    • Denoising
    • Cubic spine interpolation


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