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Completely Integrated 3D Processing

Real-time client rendering, advanced lighting, high resolution cubic interpolation with off- the-shelf, low-cost hardware. Nova3D+ uses the power of advanced graphic processing units to perform advanced imaging techniques with fast image rendering and a seamless user experience. This allows for users to perform MIP and MPR functions on the fly to enhance. Seamless integration with NovaPACS provide enhanced 3D tools within the same workflow.


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Read with speed

Nova3D+ provides users with a powerful tool to aid in the reading and diagnosis of complicated and intricate studies. Developed using computer gaming technology, our advanced imaging software renders 3D images locally using a graphics processing unit (GPU). Utilizing this method provides a distinct advantage over current systems that render on servers or use proprietary image reconstruction cards. Not only expensive, these systems are often slow and unreliable.
Functional MRI

Nova3D+ brings functional imaging out of the lab and into the PACS for everyday clinical practice. This cutting edge solution allows you to perform automated functional image analysis and reporting in under a minute from the PACS workstation.(Pending FDA approval in the United States)

Virtual Colonography

A patent-pending panoramic view eliminates blind spots, allowing for unprecedented visualization of polyps. This allows you to more accurately mark and measure polyps or areas of interest with advanced lighting and shading techniques.

Time Domain Imaging (TDI)

TDI is a new form of imaging measuring the rate of enhancement instead of its magnitude. This can be used in perfusion imaging, evaluating neovascularity of tumors, areas of ischemia and others.

Vessel Metrics

Nova3D+ offers a full suite of vessel analytical tools including automatic vessel finding and labeling, MPR to MIP on the fly and curved MPR.

Renders images in real time, without buffering.

This provides you with a full resolution image sourced from the DICOM file. Seamless user experience. Nova3D+ is built on NovaPACS; this allows users to use the same interface, commands and worklist as they are reading images. You can perform MIPS on the fly in MPR mode; this offers you a quick transition and does not require you to create 3D images on the modality.