Augmented Reality for Surgical Applications


Combining 3D Imaging and Augmented Reality

Novarad has combined the incredible 3D processing power of the Nova3D+ product with the interactive and augmented reality of Microsoft’s HoloLens goggles. This product renders patients’ imaging studies into 3D and presents them in an interactive manner. This gives radiologists, physicians, surgeons, and students the incredible ability to interact with the imaging data as well as see these images displayed in the anatomically correct location on the patient.

The Future of Medical Imaging

Using the Augmented Reality technology built into the Microsoft HoloLens, OpenSight™ registers medical imaging studies such as MRIs and CTs over the patient in real time, enabling the wearer to both see the patient and see through the patient with dynamic holograms of their internal anatomy.

From immediate impacts in the operating room to changing the way medicine is taught, the medical applications for OpenSight and Augmented Reality, this technological breakthrough will change the way that imaging is used throughout medicine.

Features and Benefits of OpenSight

Anatomically Correct

OpenSight projects rendered 3D images onto the patient with incredible accuracy. This allows users to pinpoint areas for training, identification or for further analysis.

Better Pre-Op Planning

With the amazing ability to see the patient’s anatomy surgeons can strategize and plan more easily before making any incisions.

Enhances Medical and Scholarly Research

OpenSight will enhance medical research by providing researchers with an unparalleled view of the subjects anatomy without the need for surgical incisions or other invasive procedures.

Teaching Tool

Medical students and professors can use OpenSight as a teaching tool that will help students visualize and understand patients’ internal anatomy.

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