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Storyboarding with Ncompass Enterprise Imaging offers complete visibility for improved patient care. 

The Ncompass Universal Viewer displays all of your patient's information in one place for more accurate diagnosis, more effective treatment plans and increased patient engagement. 

Story Board Complications Post Hip Surgery

Case Management | Fostering Value-Based Care 

Patient-centric storyboards help address the value-based issues of delivering appropriate treatment as well as anticipating and avoiding complications.  This is especially important for patients with complex and chronic conditions.

In this example,  a patient  had complications after hip surgery. With a visual space to bring together all of the specialties and episodes of care, case management can be more impactful with better collaboration around recovery planning, monitoring, tracking disease state trends and case closure.

COVID-19 | Improving Triage and Treatment

Many clinicians are in unfamiliar territory as they treat an influx of COVID-19 patients, many of whom present with multiple conditions. Storyboarding enables you to provide better healthcare with more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans.

In this example, a physician has a complete view of the patient's illness - labs, x-rays, CT scan and ultrasound.  All of these images can be viewed simultaneously in one visual space,  bringing together all of the specialties and episodes of care for better collaboration diagnosis, monitoring, tracking disease state trends and case closure. 

Story Board COVID
Story Board Emergency Department

Emergency Department | Saving Time When Every Second Counts

Novarad’s Universal Viewer offers a more streamlined, patient-centric workflow, allowing the ER physician to view a throat culture, chest x-ray and other relevant tests, without having to request reports from  multiple systems  - the EMR for the throat culture results and the PACS for X-rays.

 Using the Universal Viewer, the physician simply enters the patient’s name to receive access to all the patient’s medical information, allowing them to view multiple studies on one screen. 

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