Novarad Debuts Mammography Software Optimized for Multi-Modality Radiologists

SALT LAKE CITY—November 20, 2018—Novarad Corporation, a leader in the development of medical imaging software, announced new mammography software, NovaMG PRO, specifically for multi-modality radiologists that read mammography as well as non-mammography studies. By using the same workstation, a compatible PACS user interface and optimizing human performance engineering – radiologists become more efficient.

With mammography, time is a critical commodity. Reader fatigue, reduced efficiency and delays in diagnosing breast disease and other abnormalities visible on medical images can slow workflow between breast and non-breast studies, minimize radiologist productivity and delay patient notifications. The result can be less efficient radiologists and imaging centers, and a weaker bottom line at hospitals, imaging centers, women’s health clinics and other health facilities

“When we’re reading, sometimes we want to see previous reports, and if you want to do that in a different software you have to go over to the PACS and pull up the case, and open it there and go back and forth, which slows me down,” said Dr. Lisa Watanabe, CMO of CureMetrix and Associate Professor in Clinical Radiology at the University of Southern California (USC) School of Medicine. “Being able to have everything integrated with NovaMG PRO is really advantageous. It definitely makes me more efficient.”

NovaMG PRO offers one-click workflow and is fully integrated with dictation/voice recognition, eliminating the need for transcription. It tracks and reports all breast-related procedures, including mammography, MRI and ultrasound. Ultimately, NovaMG PRO streamlines workflow to significantly reduce process time, accelerate productivity and increase efficiency. The result is reduced costs, higher throughput and maximized revenue.

Those interested in learning more about the NovaMG PRO solution may visit the company at RSNA, booth 7913, visit or follow the company on Twitter, @NovaradCorp. Those interested in mammography may also visit CureMetrix at booth 7961. RSNA will take place November 25 through 30.


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For over 20 years, Novarad has enabled healthcare providers to solve their imaging problems through its full diagnostic suite. Today, Novarad’s specialized enterprise imaging and workflow solutions continue to improve upon industry standards and empower healthcare providers everywhere to solve problems. Through customizable workflow and imaging solutions, Novarad encompasses medical imaging needs. Visit Novarad at for more information.

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