CryptoChart Hardware Resources


All the resources you'll need to 1) successfully install CryptoChart,  2) educate your patients and their referring physicians about the benefits of CryptoChart and how to use it, and 3) purchase optional supplies.

Resources for Your Patients & Referring Physicians

Success Starts with Education

You’ll be more successful and so will your referring physicians when you educate them about the benefits of CryptoChart and help them learn how to use it. We’ve compiled some resources to help you get them off to a great start.

  • For your referring Physicians

    • Use this email or letter template to let your referring physicians know you’re moving to a modern technology that has benefits for them and their patients. The template includes a link to our “Welcome to CryptoChart” web page that has everything they need to make using QR codes easy:

      • Benefits of using CryptoChart (2 min video)
      • How to use CryptoChart for Physicians (2 min video)
      • How to use CryptoChart for Admins (2 min video)
      • Printable instruction sheet (PDF)
      • HIPAA and Security Info (PDF)

If you prefer, you can also notify them by fax using this fax template.

You may want to invite your referring physicians to your office for a demo or arrange a time for an in-person demonstration in their office.

  • For Your Patients
    • Print this instruction sheet for your patients and provide it to them with the printed QR code.
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