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Installation Troubleshooting

The download link won't work when I click it.

Some email programs disable links in emails. You can copy the text link included at the bottom of the email and paste it into the into the address bar of your web browser.

My Access Codes aren’t printing when I route a CT.
1. The images aren't getting to the COVID-client installed computer.
  • The other PACS or modality may not be sending them. Check the other system logs or network queue.
  • There isn't network connectivity between the 2 system. Try a ping or DICOM ping from the other system.
  • The Covid service (What is the Windows service name?) isn't running on the client machine. Using the Windows Services app, locate and start the service, or reboot the machine. Look for errors in the Windows Event log.
  • A firewall is blocking incoming tcp port 104 on the client computer. Configure the firewall rules to allow the connection.
2. The client computer cannot talk to the Azure AI service.
  • A firewall is blocking outgoing https port 443 from the client computer to the Internet (Azure). Configure the firewall rules to allow the connection.
  • The client is required to use proxy settings to connect to the internet. (We should so something about this)
3. The images aren't CT Axial scans. Send the appropriate scans.
4. The client can't print to the selected printer.
  • The printer is powered-off, disconnected, jammed, out of paper, or out of ink. Check the printer for this.
  • The Windows Print Queue for the printer is "Paused". Open the printer is Windows Settings and un-pause the queue. Clear the queue, Try printing a test page.
  • The printer has been changed. Re-run the setup program and choose a different printer.
How do I know the data behind the artificial intelligence running on my machine?

The COVID-19 Diagnostic Assistant runs in the background as a Windows Service. There is no tray icon, no menu shortcut, or no window running. You will be able to see it running in Windows Services.

The installation manager fails to install or start.

1. If you remove the hard drive that was configured for installs to use (or hard drive fails).
2. Installation manager is already running and it's stuck on something that prevents shutdown.

I didn't get the email with the download link.

Please check your spam folder. If it still isn't there, try re-registering on the website.

My install won’t proceed past the first stage.

There is a minimum free space requirement of 2GB, the installation will fail if that space is not available on the drive you have selected. This is the most common reason for the install to fail on the first phase of the wizard. There should be a red error message letting you know. You will need to select a different drive with the available space.

I'm trying to install a product on a machine that already belongs to a different site.

The installation will fail if you try to install it on a machine that is already running Novarad software. Please try installing on a different machine.

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Funding for this solution was provided in part by Intel’s Pandemic Response Technology Initiative. Intel is committed to accelerating access to technology that can combat the current pandemic and enable scientific discovery that better prepares our world for future crises. For more information about healthcare solutions from Intel, visit For more information about Intel’s COVID-19 response, visit