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COVID-19 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Diagnostic Assistant



Frequently Asked Questions



I accidentally routed a study other than an Axial CT study; what happens now?

The COVID-19 Diagnostic Assistant is designed to receive Axial CT DICOM files from any DICOM-compliant PACS system or a CT modality. All other file types or study types will be automatically ignored.

I installed the COVID-19 Diagnostic Assistant, but cannot find it on my computer. Where is it?

The COVID-19 Diagnostic Assistant runs in the background as a Windows Service. There is no tray icon, no menu shortcut, or no window running. You will be able to see it running in Windows Services.

How do I configure my PACS or modality to send studies to the COVID-19 Diagnostic Assistant?

Each PACS or modality does this differently. A PACS admin at your facility should be able to help with configuration.

What is the data behind the Artificial Intelligence running on my machine?

At the bottom of each report there is a disclaimer that provides the most current accuracy, selectivity, and specificity. It also provides the latest quantity of studies used for training.

What about HIPAA? Is PHI going into the cloud when I send studies?

All studies are anonymized at the client and no PHI is sent to the cloud. A key is generated to link the study and the report.

Can I install on a machine that already belongs to a different site?

The installation will fail if you try to install it on a machine that is already running Novarad software. You will need to get a different machine.

Study Access

When I scan the access code, it says my report is incomplete. What's happening?

The report won’t be available until the study has been completely run through the algorithms. Please give it a few minutes and try again -- the report will become available when finished. This includes the key images, which won’t show up until everything is completed.

Can someone access the studies I route to the COVID-19 Diagnostic Assistant?

The study is anonymized and routed to the cloud, then discarded by the Novarad Client. Since the client lives behind your site's network security, it would be subject to the same vulnerabilities as your other machines.

How do I reprint an access code?

Re-send the images from the PACS or modality. The system detects them as duplicates and won't upload or process them, but it will reprint the access QR code.

How do I read the report?

Scan the QR code on the printed access page. With many smart phones, launch the camera app and point it at the QR code. Other phones may need to download a QR scanning app.

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