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Healthcare and IT


We have the technology you need in an evolving healthcare landscape with lower reimbursements.

It is not an easy task to balance dwindling resources with budget restraints and less staff while delivering excellent service. Novarad offers the technology necessary to fill these growing gaps. Mobile technology improves workflow while creating an engaging experience for patients and referring physicians. Novarad’s Enterprise Imaging continuously adds more automated processes and time saving functionality for Physicians who work on-site or work remotely, productivity improves, so does satisfaction.





Want technology that has progressed to where they can read significantly more cases with automations and customized worklists.

Radiologists gain a more enjoyable and financially rewarding experience through Novarad’s Radiology Workflow module. With dynamic real time updates – based on clinical priorities and SLA compliance – the radiologist has access to their optimized worklist featuring configurable case prioritization. An improved user experience with faster acquisitions of images alongside automated functionality, boosts productivity and quick turnaround times. Patients see better outcomes.





Need to see the patient’s big picture scattered across the healthcare system.

Our enterprise imaging solutions connects all ologies across the healthcare network while giving physicians specialized imaging viewers. Whether you’re a Cardiologist viewing motion echo images in a cardio viewer, an Orthopedist reviewing an x-ray on an iPad with the patient, or a Breast Surgeon who can now remotely show a patient her diagnostic workup, tumor details and surgery options in a Universal Viewer, you can work on a single viewer. We give visual space to bring all episodes of care together in one integrated viewing system, bringing the focus back to patient care.






A more patient-centric approach. Technical issues that inhibit scaling -- including connectivity, integration with medical practices, and scheduling -- need to be fixed. Burnout and staff shortages after the last two years.

Novarad’s Enterprise Imaging manages studies across the healthcare system on desktops, laptops, or mobile devices, with a single log in, creating streamlined user experience. Bring all specialists together in a Universal Viewer with a patient-centric approach for better outcomes and cost-efficient healthcare with a full view of results and images, cross-correlation with labs, and biopsies side by side. An integrated, highly customizable enterprise solution for managing all medical images while giving the patient and providers improved clinical workflows with mobile devices to instantly begin the patient care process, the patient’s care is once again placed at the core.



Reading Groups


Novarad will give radiologists the tools to be successful in Service Line Agreements (SLA).

It’s essential contracted radiology reading groups meet turnaround time metrics while quickly responding to urgent studies. Reading groups work with complex worklists filled with competing time constraints. With the needs of radiologists in mind, automations intelligently route to each specialty, using automated case management prioritization, radiologists read the right case at the right time, helping them meet and exceed SLA’s. Cloud based with advanced imaging infused into a multi-viewer, all specialties seamlessly connect. Radiology reading groups see Service Line Agreements success while swiftly assisting the most vulnerable.



Imaging Centers


Novarad product line is built for the imaging centers success to survive in a competitive market.

In a highly competitive industry, profitability is key for every image center’s survival. Novarad’s product line is constantly evolving, raising the bar for patient experience while niching image centers into communities. Our software designed by Radiologists offers greater customizations for personalized workflows with AI, advanced routing and smart worklists, in one integrated viewer. NovaRIS manages all stages of the patient’s journey, from appointment scheduling to the increasingly mobile distribution of imaging results. Manual processes are replaced with automations and alerts. Both patient and physician engagement improve, so do cost savings.

For success in today's competitive market, image centers must be able to:

  • Provide the patient and their referral with an experience they want to repeat
  • Deliver speedy results to referring physicians with digital communications
  • Develop efficiencies for quicker turnaround times
  • Offer improved user experience and workload management for radiologists