Securely transfer, share and manage healthcare image data between facilities.

Facilitate Fast, Secure and Reliable Image Exchange

In the quest for value-based care, facilities are often looking for ways to create a holistic patient record, securely share data and reduce the repetition of studies conducted. With Novarad Image Exchange, facilities are able to easily share patient information while maintaining data privacy. This exchange provides a network of image sharing with access based on key patient information that allows point-of-care providers with access to images and completed reports via an intuitive web-based tool.

Cost Savings, Delivered.

Access to all images from participating facilities provides clinicians the full picture. The ability to comb through patients’ studies will reduce the duplication of procedures, the exposure to radiation and ultimately, the end cost to the patient.

Benefits of an Information Exchange

Sharing of Images

Easily query and securely distribute images beyond your hospital network with the click of a button.

Maintain Competition

Patient information is only transmitted if the care provider has the appropriate credentials to access patient records.

Emergency Access to Key Images

Providers can quickly retrieve and utilize relevant information saving precious seconds.

In-depth Comparison Studies

Access to prior studies allows radiologist to gain additional insight into patient history. Without image exchange, this would not be possible.

Vendor Neutral.

Novarad’s information exchange spans disparate PACS solutions and facilities. Images can be queried and read at the point of care. This removes the need for patients to serve as couriers shuttling images between providers on CDs and ensures the secure, encrypted transfer of data between healthcare providers.

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