Go paperless with electronic forms

eForms (electronic forms), for RIS and Enterprise Imaging

eForms – Add efficiency to the entire document management process

  • Go paperless

  • Secure, cost-effective approach to simplify communication and facilitate organization

  • Expedite the care process, electronically fill out forms from home, prior to the appointment, or on a tablet in the office

  • Cut the carbon footprint. Printing, copying, and filing all add to staffing soft costs

  • Upload patient intake forms for use

  • A more efficient way to send and keep track of patient documents

  • Improves internal collaboration during the patient's study and easily integrate with other healthcare platforms

  • Provide patients with the continuous, easy transfer of paperwork they require for ongoing documentation exchanges


Getting started with eForms

  • Access is secure, auditable, and patients can complete then submit forms on mobile devices

  • eForms interface with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Chrome


Simple. Secure. Improves the quality of healthcare.

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