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Secure Mobile App for Image Capture

Healthcare providers are embracing the value of visible light images because of the obvious medical value and because image capture has become second nature due to social media and the proliferation of camera-equipped smart devices. The challenge is that methodologies to store, organize and secure these images have not yet evolved at the same pace of the capture technologies.

Why Your Facility Needs SnapView®

Integrating non-DICOM images into healthcare image management workflows remains a challenge for many healthcare facilities – ER patient snapshots, wound care photos, videos and other visible light images are still being lost outside of EHRs and Enterprise Imaging Systems.

All patients must be managed for HIPAA compliance and to prevent the release of Protected Health Information (PHI). The mobile application, SnapView, helps solve this problem by allowing healthcare personnel to use supported iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices to capture images without leaving behind any PHI.

In the wound center, every patient has a series of pictures. They make up progressive episodes of care for that patient. So, there’s a great loss of productivity if you don’t have a process in place that is efficient, doesn’t use a lot of staff time, and offers the convenience of finding those images when the doctors need to have that information at their fingertips. Storing those files securely is very important. Ensuring that a limited number of people have access to them, being able to track that access, and being able to have those pictures archived in an orderly way accelerates and improves the quality of the patient care Union provides.”

Dave Baumgartner, CIO, Union Hospital/Cleveland Clinic

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