Enterprise Imaging is Here to Stay

While it may seem like just a trendy buzzword, enterprise imaging is ready to play a significant role in the future of hospital imaging.

What is enterprise imaging?

The term “enterprise imaging” is relatively new, and continues to evolve. Currently, enterprise imaging usually means collecting all patient data, including images and reports, into one place.

Enterprise imaging allows a healthcare system’s IT staff to manage patient data, rather than the data being stored in fragments across multiple departments. IT staff can use content management software to sort data and send it where it is needed. Links to images and other data can be embedded in a patient’s electronic health record (EHR).

Why does enterprise imaging matter?

Medical imaging usually has been the domain of radiology, leaving image files stored in a siloed radiology PACS. Other medical specialties, however, such as oncology and orthopedics, are producing more images and reports that should be stored in the EHR.

Major changes to healthcare technology and standards, including interoperability and the expanded use of EHRs, have also made enterprise imaging more appealing and even necessary. With the growth of vendor-neutral archives (VNAs) and cloud-based digital archives, data from all departments in a health system can be more easily stored and accessed.

With all these changes, enterprise imaging is not only feasible, but essential for the future of healthcare.

How do you get started with enterprise imaging?

Novarad’s Ncompass Enterprise Imaging® Solution can help you efficiently manage health data within your facility, allowing you to focus on improving patient care. This solution helps store a patient’s medical images, including both DICOM and non-DICOM images and other information, in a VNA. This reduces the need to use different hard drives, USB drives, or other disparate storage options.

Ncompass is an all-in-one solution created from more than 20 years of imaging experience, and can be scaled to your changing needs and requirements. Want more information? Contact us to ask questions, schedule an appointment, or try a demo.

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