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Novarad, a leader in healthcare IT and imaging solutions, was established in 1998. Headquartered in the heart of Salt Lake City’s technology corridor, Novarad is home to a rich culture of innovation, evident in our constantly evolving product lines. Our company has been and always will be entrepreneurial and highly responsive to the needs of the market. Globally we have installed over 1000 customized solutions with KLAS-confirmed, market-leading retention rates.

A Culture of


Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Dr. Wendell Gibby founded Novarad to respond to the lack of innovative PACS systems on the market. Novarad’s products have been used by radiologists, cardiologists, orthopaedists, and other specialists for over 25 years to increase productivity, reduce inefficiency, and improve the quality of healthcare solutions throughout the world. Novarad is best known for product functionality and constant development; our products have a reputation for being easy to learn and use, yet feature-rich for even the most advanced users.


Executive Team

Dr. Wendell Gibby - Founder, CEO

Dr. Wendell Gibby is a board certified diagnostic radiologist with a subspecialty in neuroradiology. Dr. Gibby founded Novarad in 1990 in order to create a solution that focused on radiologists. He is currently Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology at the University of Arizona Medical School and lectures frequently at radiology association meetings. Dr. Gibby received his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University, his medical degree from the University of Utah College of Medicine, and his neuroradiology fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Radiology.

Paul Jensen - President

Paul Jensen is the President of Novarad. Mr. Jensen earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Idaho State University, and brings over 25 years of experience in the global IT industry across finance, sales, marketing, and business development. Prior to leading Novarad, Mr. Jensen found great success during 20 years of leadership at Microsoft. He is passionate about technology as a positive force in the world, and works to improve patient care with innovation and useful solutions for healthcare providers everywhere.

Doug Schroeppel - Executive Vice President Technical Services

Fred Trovato - Executive Vice President Worldwide Sales

Fred Trovato joined the company from 2003 to 2011, and after a brief hiatus, rejoined the company in 2016 as the Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales. During his initial nine years as part of the Novarad family, Fred was instrumental in helping the company achieve exponential growth helping to convert clients from analog to digital imaging solutions across North America. The chance to help healthcare providers offer a higher level of service to their patients is Fred’s chief motivator in his work. Fred has high hopes for the future of the company, and knows that sales can only be successful with the support of all other departments. He holds an interdisciplinary degree in both chemistry and chemical engineering from the University of Utah.

Doug Schroeppel serves as the Executive Vice President of Technical Services at Novarad and has been with the company for 15 years. During his time here, he has worked closely with the Support Department to achieve excellent customer retention rates. His hope for this company is to continue to grow and keep the goodness flowing for healthcare providers. In his spare time, Doug enjoys studying astronomy with his family. Doug is passionate about improving the quality of healthcare across the globe.


Novarad Corporation provides its customers with the highest quality products and services. Novarad management is committed to maintaining the quality management system and complying with all regulatory requirements.

Novarad Health Care Technology Innovation