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Image-enable your EMR. Anywhere, Anytime Access.

The Ncompass Patient-Centric Universal Viewer allows physicians, nurses, and other staff to access and view both DICOM and non-DICOM information on any device through a web browser. Leveraging 20 years of healthcare imaging experience, Novarad has developed an HTML5 universal viewer that provides unbridled access to the facility’s imaging archive.

RapidView™ Algorithm
The RapidView Algorithm provides a better user experience by loading and off-loading images when needed, instead of the traditional loading of all study images in sequential order. This makes for quick and seamless viewing.


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Improve patient engagement

Our viewer is developed using HTML5 technology, giving you access to your images via a web browser. This agile design does not require a bulky software download or extra space on workstations, allowing you to access data when and where you need it.

Any Device

HTML-5 technology allows all practitioners to easily access patient information on any web enabled device.

See All Patients

By accessing images in the EMR, the Ncompass Viewer allows you to view studies sorted by patient, not by modality. This allows you to easily find and view relevant patient information.

Easy Collaboration

Novarad provides doctors and radiologists with ability to easily collaborate on cases and images with industry leading tools.

Quick Upload into VNA

The image upload feature allows you to capture images and upload them directly into the vendor neutral archive and patient-record. This allows doctors to capture images bedside or in-office and include them into the patient medical record.

Patient Storyboard

The ease of use is enhanced by the Patient Storyboard® which encompasses a unique drag-and-drop functionality allowing clinicians to place various images and multimedia side-by-side. This provides clinicians access to the full patient imaging record and enables them to holistically correlate all aspects of a patient's medical condition as well as provide a powerful platform to educate and engage their patients at the point of care.