Enterprise Imaging solutions are a collection of products and processes designed to improve healthcare for the patient and the provider.  A solid enterprise imaging strategy can completely transform a medical facility, providing the following benefits:

Improve Quality and Patient Safety

Unifying patient data enhances patient safety through improving the accuracy of diagnosis and ensuring more quality care.

Enhance Patient Experience

Relevant patient information is much more easily viewable through a mobile workflow, and Patient Storyboard.

Increase Cost Efficiency

This mobile workflow also removes other inefficiencies and ultimately makes everything more cost-efficient.

What is Enterprise Imaging?

 The combination of enterprise imaging and VNA represents a game-changing development for the medical imaging industry. Enterprise imaging has the potential to enhance imaging workflow and clinical efficacies, deliver on the investment and empower imaging organizations to build a better future.


Dinesh Kumar, Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan 

Why Ncompass?

Ncompass is Novarad’s enterprise imaging solution.  Through Ncompass, you can completely transform your facility – creating efficient workflows for both DICOM and non-DICOM images and transitioning the storage of images and patient information from hard drives, disks, disparate archives and USB drives to a vendor neutral archive.


Ncompass is a customizable solution based on the following industry leading technologies: 

  • A vendor neutral Universal Archive

  • An HTML5 Universal Viewer

  • SnapView mobile image capture

  • Radiology Module

  • Cardiology Module

  • EKG Module with converter

  • Visible Light Image Modules (wound care, ER, Surgery)

  • Image Sharing

  • Advanced Imaging (3D, Vessel Metrics, Virtual colon)

  • Mammography Module

  • Ophthalmology Module

  • Business Intelligence Reports

  • Augmented Reality Surgical Solutions


Novarad’s enterprise imaging experts can help you build an effective strategy that allows you to efficiently deliver better healthcare and improve patient experience at virtually the same costs of your current PACS system.  


Novarad stood out for their implementation training, support and continuous software upgrades. We received many competitors quotes, but when you looked at five years of ownership and ten years of ownership, there was a big cost difference. The Board was appreciative that we did a very thorough analysis and were so confident on why we wanted to choose Novarad.



Kelly Denton, Director of Diagnostic Imaging / Southwest Medical Center

Your Roadmap to Healthcare Enterprise Imaging and How it Leads to Improved Clinical Outcomes

Featuring the Gartner Market Guide for Vendor Neutral Archives

Key decision-makers are exploring the benefits achievable from enterprise imaging strategy and accompanying solutions, with the objective of enhancing the efficiency and revenue of their digital imaging specialties with effective and more robust diagnostic workflow. Unified image management also leads to an improved patient experience eliminating delays in locating prior studies as well as accelerating care. A wealth of information, including the Gartner Market Guide for Vendor-Neutral Archives, has been assembled in this featured newsletter to kick-start your information expedition.


Read the newsletter and discover:

• How a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach leads to improved clinical outcomes

• Valuable research from the Gartner Market Guide for Vendor-Neutral Archives

• How one medical center decided to make the Enterprise Imaging upgrade, and how to implement the same strategies at your facility

Free Software Updates: Control Your Total Cost

Predictable and consistent are rarely used terms when describing Healthcare IT project costs. When implementing an enterprise imaging strategy, wouldn’t it be nice to reduce risk with a complete understanding of vendor costs upfront as well as ongoing operational expenses for all potential enterprise imaging solutions? With Novarad, you’ll know the Total Cost and that this amount won’t change for the life of the agreement. Zero-cost software updates, US-based 24/7 customer support and pay only for the services and storage you use. That’s why Novarad was rated #1 for not “nickel and diming” their customers.

Upfront Cost Isn’t As Important As You Think It Is. 

Here’s Why

One of the most difficult and most involved aspects of selecting any new system, let alone one as comprehensive as an enterprise imaging system, is choosing the most logical option out of nearly unlimited choices.


This white paper will guide you through the important facets of selecting and purchasing the optimal enterprise imaging system with long-term and high-level consequences in mind.

You will learn to account for all important options—and leave no stone unturned.

• How to consider all costs of ownership
• How to think about upgradability factors
• What to look for in the vendor

Enterprise Imaging not only helps facilities meet the rigorous demands of HIPAA compliance, but it also provides doctors, surgeons, nurses and other clinicians with the tools necessary to improve patient care and make more accurate diagnoses. Novarad, a leader in medical imaging has created a solution that meets HIPAA requirements, yet is flexible enough to be used throughout the healthcare enterprise.

A detailed TCO evaluation shows how an enterprise imaging solution from an established medical imaging technology vendor will deliver significant cost savings over the long run compared to enterprise OEM vendors.

Novarad enables imaging organizations of all sizes to benefit from the state-of-the-art enterprise imaging solutions without having to invest in expensive data centers, IT infrastructures, internal resources and on-going management.

Improve Point of Care

A crucial aspect of improving patient care is being able to better engage patients at the point of care. The Ncompass Universal Viewer™, a zero-footprint patient viewer, image-enables your EMR by linking images from the VNA to the patient record.


The viewer is accessible on any device via a web browser allowing providers to create a visual Patient Storyboard™ that allows them to show patients images, reports and other necessary information during the patient-physician consultation.


This interaction is also improved by providing clinicians the ability to upload any multimedia object generated in a patient encounter into the patient record instantly without leaving patient health information on the device. This greatly enhances the accuracy and efficacy of the patient record and provides future doctors and clinicians with the ability to see all relevant patient information in a single view.

Upgrade Workflow

When implementing an Enterprise Imaging Solution, you must carefully consider the impact on not only the IT department but also the impact on clinical workflows throughout the hospital. Novarad’s Enterprise Imaging Experts will help you understand these impacts and provide you with an enterprise imaging strategy and accompanying solution that best fit existing processes while improving workflows:

  • Radiology

  • Mammography

  • Wound Care

  • Cardiology

  • Orthopedics

  • Pathology

  • Emergency Department

Novarad makes it easy to share images between different departments and between different facilities. In an effort to create a compliant and standards-based solution, Novarad participated in the RSNA Image Share™ validation in conjunction with the Sequoia Project™ to ensure interoperability throughout the entire medical imaging industry.

For specific information about how an Enterprise Imaging can benefit your facility, including a complete site analysis, contact one of our imaging consultants today.

Technology is swiftly changing across the globe. As seen in other business environments, healthcare providers are persistently upgrading their practices to remain sustainable and profitable in the long run.

Global healthcare digitization efforts are driving providers to opt for digital workplaces that rely on intelligent healthcare systems and automation tools to overcome inefficiencies in care delivery. Indeed, it comes as no surprise that digital consolidation of clinical contents is becoming a top priority, and enterprise medical imaging ‘ologies are no exception in this evolving market dynamics. Any health system paying attention to the field of medical imaging is certain to have noticed a growing trend of hospitals implementing unified Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) and enterprise imaging solutions. Every day, a provider somewhere investigates the potential investment and ensuing benefits achievable from enterprise imaging solutions with an objective to enhance their imaging specialties with effective and more robust diagnostic workflow. These explorative inquiries are likely to define enterprise imaging and unified VNA strategies for healthcare organizations.


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