West Houston Radiology Group

Solutions Used:

West Houston Radiology Group Navigating Through Uncharted Waters with Novarad

Recognized as a group of radiologists with the most progressive approach in Houston, West Houston Radiology Associates has exceeded all community standards with its implementation of Novarad’s NovaPACS and Nova RIS™. West Houston Radiology is currently on contract to read for 30 radiology facilities and expects to add a minimum of 10 more this year.

With more than 400,000 studies per year, and providing 24 hours of comprehensive radiology services each day, West Houston Radiology is able to read for anyone from anywhere. With 24 radiologists on the team, each is able to work from one list and to help whomever falls behind. On average, hospitals and clinics can expect to receive a specialized report within two hours of receiving the scan.

Customized service

West Houston Radiology’s system is very unique, as it is able to offer services to its customers “a la carte.” Depending on the site, it may require PACS, RIS, VR, radiology reads and IT support, another site may only want reports. Being able to provide customers with this customized service and reporting is a new approach that West Houston Radiology has not been able to offer before because of limitations with its previous PACS.

Novarad In Action

Having tried numerous PACS in the past, when West Houston Radiology learned about Novarad’s offerings, proven track record and rapid ROI, the company was eager to switch its system. Its old system took up to eight hours for a report to get transcribed; Novarad offers the tools to supply customers with a much faster report turnaround.

Complete PACS and RIS enable the radiologists to receive images from any site, read, dictate and distribute, and all automatically. These features fit perfectly with the increased effciency West Houston Radiology was seeking, and also met its cost criteria.

Our Solution

NovaPACS is a complete, fully-featured PACS that offers 3-D imaging, fast image retrieval and includes servers, viewers, on and off-site archives, prep and work stations. The system is developed to fit the imaging needs spanning small hospitals and large, multi-site hospitals or imaging center group. Nova RIS™ allows you to track patient information, procedures, exam status, revenues and insurance payouts. It also allows you to generate CPT or revenue codes. Its reports function alerts users to potential problems such as incomplete exams and missing insurance codes. NovaRIS seamlessly integrates with PACS.

Everything is included–software, hardware, training, integration services, support and all software and hardware updated at no additional cost.

As with any system, and particularly in the extent we are using ours, we have experienced a few system hiccups, however Novarad is consistently easy to work with and problems are resolved quickly so there is virtually no downtime.

West Houston Radiology has been successfully using NovaPACS and Nova RIS™ for one year and has already achieved a return on its investment. We are confident that we now have the right PACS and RIS in place to provide the best service today and to keep pace as we continue to grow.