Mountains Community Hospital

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Critical Access Hospital Uses Novarad to Improve Workflow

Mountains Community Hospital is located at beautiful Lake Arrowhead, California. Named for the lake it overlooks, the town stands high above the Southern California region at over 5,000 feet above sea-level. Mountains Community Hospital has been using Novarad software since Aug, 14th 2012 when current PACS administrator and radiology manager, Allan Maneje, took over the program.

Mountains Community is a critical access hospital which houses five modalities. They utilize 24/7 teleradiology and have 52 certified radiologists that read 15,000 total studies each year utilizing NovaPACS.

Case Study

Allan Maneje has been in the radiology business for 25 years, and has worked as an administrator for 20. Maneje has been using NovaPACS since 2003, and has used Novarad software at the hospital since he started there in 2012.

“The great thing you experience with Novarad is when you have an issue, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call tech support, the receptionist will assign you a case number, and you get transferred real-time to tech support without a wait. Tech support is phenomenal,” Maneje said. “Every single issue that has come up has been easy to fix for [Novarad’s] support team.” David Clark, the technical support team lead whose team is assigned to assist Mountains Community, recalls a few instances that the hospital required assistance. “On several occasions Allan has traveled out of the country. Novarad has assisted Allan’s staff with their daily issues during his absence. My team and I feel we have assisted them to the best of our abilities and that we have a partner for life and an advocate for Novarad in Allan.”

Real-Time Tech Support

Tech support is phenomenal. Every single issue that has come up has been easy to fix for [Novarad’s] support team.
-Allan Maneje, PACS Administrator and Radiology Manager
Q & A
What Are You Most Looking Forward to From Novarad?

Maneje said that he is most looking forward to cloud-computing. “Having EMRs on the cloud will give a lot of radiology managers peace of mind, just in case something happens.”

What Improvements At Your Site Have You Seen With Novarad?

Workflow set-up has improved for Mountains Community Hospital. Auto-updating and tracking within the software are also improvements that Maneje has noticed by implementing Novarad at his site.

What Does Novarad Do Really Well?

“Every single issue that I’ve called in for, I have a resolution once I hang up the phone,” said Maneje. “There’s no wait for awesome, knowledgeable tech support.” Maneje also stated that the workflow he has been able to set up within PACS and RIS has increasingly helped his practice’s productivity. Additionally, he mentioned that Novarad has worked seamlessly with many different HIS systems.