Georgia Tech Student Health Center

Solutions Used:

Georgia Tech Student Health Center provides students with a multitude of services: Radiology, Laboratory, Allergy Injections, Primary Care, Pharmacy, Psychiatry, Dentistry, Optical, and Women’s Health. The health center employs experienced and caring staff which use up-to-date, innovative equipment to ensure that students get an accurate and timely diagnosis.

The Georgia Tech Student Health Center is responsible for offering services to upwards of 14,000 Undergraduates.

Support and Integration

I constantly recommend the system. Anybody who will listen to me. It’s the integration of the RIS/PACS. That is a tremendous asset. Support of the system is unparalleled.
—Jack Horner, Director of Radiology Services

Jack Horner Discusses Georgia Tech’s Success with Novarad

On choosing a vendor to partner with: “When I evaluated all the systems out there, even though I got a tremendous amount of institutional pressure to use another system. Once I evaluated the efficiency and the usefulness of the integrated system it was the very best fit short and long-term and has proven to be so.”

Improved Turnaround

“The ability to manipulate the images and to display them in so many different ways. You can invert them and enlarge them without losing the detail. It’s just how the system works so well integrated. The imagery is so clear that it has positively mipacted our ability to diagnose illnesses and injuries in half the time than we were doing before.”

Improved Radiation Safety

“One of our by-laws is concerned with the maximum allowable exposure limit for either x-ray or radiation source. So we are constantly trying to keep dose levels down. This system allows me to cut my retakes to almost zero. The industry average is anywhere between 8% to 15% depending upon who you talk to…. My retakes are less than ½% to 1%.”