System Patents

As one of the earliest companies in this field, Novarad has an extensive intellectual property portfolio that prevents other vendors from using key AR functionality in their products.

Aligning Image Data of a Patient with Actual Views of the Patient Using an Optical Code Affixed to the Patient

  • Patent # 10,825,563

Augmented Reality Viewing and Tagging for Medical Procedures

  • Patent #10,010,379

Augmenting Real-Time Views of a Patient with Three Dimensional Data

  • Patent # 9,892,564

  • Patent # 10,475,244

  • Patent # 11,004,271

Using optical codes with augmented reality displays

  • Patent # 11,287,874          

Augmented reality viewing and tagging for medical procedures

  •  Patent # 11,266,480          

Alignment of medical images in augmented reality displays

  •  Patent # 11,237,627          

Augmented reality viewing and tagging for medical procedures

  •  Patent # 10,945,807          


Patents Pending

  • Using Optical Codes with Augmented Reality Displays

  • Calibration for Augmented Reality

  • Secure Access to Stored Data Files Using Tokens Encoded in Optical Codes

  • Alignment of Medical Images in Augmented Reality Displays

  • And many more pending