With NovaRIS/NovaPACS, Physicians Medical Center Increases Efficiencies To Deliver Top-Quality Care

By J. Craig Guillot RT (R)

Imaging Coordinator

Physicians Medical Center

physicians medical centerIn today’s competitive healthcare industry, hospitals must strive to provide the very best medical care, while managing costs. Physicians Medical Center in Houma, Louisiana is no exception. As a 30-bed, physician-owned multi-specialty hospital, its Imaging Department with 11 full time employees averages 9,000 studies annually.

Having opened in 1996 as an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), Physicians Medical Center has experienced steady growth since its inception. The hospital provides its Louisiana Bayou community with a full-service Imaging Department providing nuclear medicine, ultrasound, X-Ray and CT as well as a stand-alone Breast Cancer Center providing screening and diagnostic mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, bone density, breast ultrasound, radiation oncology, medical oncology and chemotherapy. As the physician-owned medical center expanded, the need to manage costs, while maintaining patient outcomes became apparent.

After extensive research, Novarad’s NovaPACS and NovaRIS were selected to replace the hospital’s legacy analog system. Tight database integration between the systems, affordability and an outstanding service record factored into the decision to select the systems. The installation of the PACS system and radiology information system (RIS) took only two days, minimizing down time. Our techs and radiologists were trained and up to speed on the new systems in just a single day. Overall, the systems change was seamless for both staff and patients.

The RIS’s user-friendly icons allow easy patient scheduling, billing and tracking. There are not a lot of steps to complete, which helps save a lot of time for the schedulers and helped them become more efficient.

NovaRIS and NovaPACS have performed beyond expectations. Soon after implementation, we realized ROI on our purchase. Within the first year, our operating budget has been drastically reduced due to not having to purchase film and supplies. By eliminating the thousands of folders we needed to store films, we were able to free up valuable real estate. Because the systems are offered on a subscription basis it is very easy for us to project and plan our budget for the future.

Making the switch to NovaPACS and NovaRIS has done away with diagnosis delays. Reports are complete in hours. Additionally, all the time we spent managing paperwork and filing films has been eliminated. Transforming from an analog environment to a digital one has increased our patient load throughout, while at the same time allowing our techs to spend more time with our patients.

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