Why VNA? The answer is MARZ.

Many in the field of radiology wrestle with just the idea of a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). What is it? Why do I need it? How much will it cost? With these questions arise concerns over price, upfront cost and the headache at the thought of migration. Solutions to all these problems are provided with MARZ, a VNA that combines the experience and expertise of Dell Healthcare and Novarad.  Together these two companies have nearly half a century of medical imaging experience providing both hardware and software expertise to solve your data imaging issues.

As facilities have grown and merged data migrations has become an issue with several facilities Harold Welch, Director of Implementation at Novarad, addressed migration issues in a recent interview with Imaging Economics saying, “The challenges faced at that point are combining information in such a meaningful way that it can be used for the larger entity and still maintain the data integrity of the smaller entity.” He also pointed out that with data management, there’s a shift from the Radiology Director to IT stating, “We have seen these decisions moving away from the radiology department and [they are] now being handled by the IT department because of the additional requirements from an infrastructure and storage perspective. The IT departments understand that with continuously changing PACS vendors, they are going to have to change this data again and again and again. The VNA only requires a one-time migration from your existing PACS system into a vendor neutral format…” So how exactly can MARZ help you tackle patient data? The answer is in the name.

Migration- IT managers grapple with data stored everywhere- radiology, pathology, oncology the list keeps growing, and more studies are generated every day. With MARZ, data woes are conquered with headache free migration of data into one VNA.  While some self-labeled VNA solutions claim vendor neutrality while still utilizing a proprietary archive, the MARZ VNA is a standards-based, XDS compliant solution that eliminates the need for future data migration.

Archive- With a VNA, you’ll have one place for all of your facility’s imaging data. Easing frustrations and having one central archive will save you time, money and most importantly the hassle of juggling multiple storage sites. With the MARZ archive you have the choice of archiving data on premise or off-site or a combination of the two. The offsite data is stored in two nuclear bomb-proof data centers which comprise the largest medical archive in the world. This allows for effective business continuity and reliable disaster recovery strategy, with a simplified IT infrastructure.

Risk Free- MARZ provides an affordable option against your current archive setup. We don’t bombard you with high upfront fees. After setup and configuration you pay on per study basis, even the migration. Once the study is paid for, you have unlimited access to the study forever. This eliminates your need for a high, risky upfront investment. We ensure that you’ll save money upfront and over the life of your VNA.

Zero Footprint Viewer- With MARZ, medical providers have unlimited access to Novarad’s web-based, zero footprint viewer, without any licensing and usage fees. Accessible through a browser without any prior installation, physicians anywhere have immediate access to patient studies. You can also view studies on the road with our HIPAA-compliant iPad viewer. Giving you access when you need it, where you need it.

To save money on migration and ibuprofen visit our Vendor Neutral Archive page or call us at 801.642.1001

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