Why Sharing Images via CDs Isn’t Reliable

Many radiology departments and practices still use CDs to share images with patients and other providers, but are they still the best option? The general consensus is rather negative, and here’s why.

Using CDs for radiology images is inconvenient for several reasons. If you’ve ever shared images via CDs, you’ve probably struggled with the following issues at one time or another:

  • As physical media, CDs need to be carried or mailed from one place to another.
  • Burning a CD can take around 20 minutes of valuable staff time.
  • Declining use means that supplies of blank CDs are more difficult to acquire.
  • Fewer laptops and even desktop computers include CD drives.
  • Images on a CD can be slow to load and tedious to add to an EHR.
  • There is no universal software for reading radiology images on CDs.
  • CDs take up space, can be hard to organize, and create clutter.

Even if you have the time, budget, and space to accommodate CD use, there is a more serious problem involved: security. The truth is, CDs are not a secure data storage solution.

  • As physical media, CDs can be misplaced or stolen.
  • CDs are rarely encrypted or password-protected, so anyone can view the protected health information (PHI) it contains.
  • When CDs are password-protected, passwords are not always shared, creating a frustrating process for the recipient.
  • CDs can get corrupted or damaged, making the images unreadable to anyone.

Ditch the CDs and Share Images More Efficiently

Why take minutes, or even hours, when you could share images in seconds, with any PACS system?
Novarad’s CryptoPACS is a HIPAA-compliant, networked device that:

  1. Receives images from any DICOM modality or PACS
  2. Sends images to Novarad’s encrypted Object Vault® cloud system
  3. Provides a printed QR code for easy access (no need for a username or password authentication)

All you need is a small, networked router and a compact QR code printer. Users can view images on a Web-based interface, meaning no PHI is left behind on public computers.

Interested? Contact us today to learn more about Novarad’s secure image-sharing solution.

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