Where in the world is Novarad?

With over 650 installations in 15 countries, Novarad relishes the chance to do business outside of our borders. Not only do we get to visit many new and exciting places, we also get the opportunity to improve healthcare and make a difference all around the world.

Currently, Novarad is expanding its presence in many parts of Central and South America. Recently our founder, Dr. Wendell Gibby, visited Guatemala to attend the Congreso Nacional de Radiologia y Terapia Radiante (a radiology conference). Novarad was an exhibitor at the event and Dr. Gibby gave a well-received presentation.

Dr G Ricardo demo

“Latin America continues to be a rapidly expanding market for us,” said Ricardo Ayala, Novarad’s sales manager in Latin America. “We have an established office presence in the region and with the addition of four new distributors there is a lot of potential to further expand our reach. These distributors are well respected in the region and have long histories of providing proven and trusted equipment to the hospitals, imaging centers and other facilities in these area.” Both NovaPACS and NovaRIS (Novarad’s state-of-the-art radiology information system) are available in Spanish and as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.

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