Weekly Readings: Radiation Therapy, ICD-10 Implementation and More

[vc_column width=”1/2″]This week we’ve addressed several things. Radiation therapy has often been a challenge for imaging facilties–patients move around (not only kids) and it actually can cause quite a few problems. There are, however, some ways around it, such as emotional support, like the kind mentioned in one of our article picks. As far as ICD-10 is concerned, many different parties continue to attempt to delay the onset of implementation through opinion, through bills, and more.

1. Mask painted in wrestler’s colors boosts spirits of boy going through radiation – CTV News

There have been many different ways to encourage children to sit still for radiation procedures. You may recall Siemens’ radiation therapy by way of Marvel superheroes–we love reading these stories and applaud all efforts to make the process easier, no matter who a child’s heroes are. In this instance, a child receiving radiation therapy at a hospital in Canada was sent a mask by his favorite wrestler that he could wear during the treatment.

2. Four T’s for successful ICD-10 implementation – Clinical Innovation+Technology

There are four T’s to ICD-10 implementation: timing, technology, training, and testing. All are important parts of going through with the transition, which, apparently, may not be such a sure thing anymore with two new bills cropping up to change it.[vc_column width=”1/2″]3. New bill aims for ICD-10 ‘transition’ period – Healthcare IT News

A new bill has been proposed to hold a “transition” period of 18 months following the October 1 implementation deadline. The bill is titled (appropriately, almost too much so) “ICD-TEN” or Increasing Clarity for Doctors by Transitioning Effectively Now Act. The actual text of the bill remains to be posted publicly.

4. How hospitals are leveraging social media – iHealthBeat

An increasing number of hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the U.S. are beefing up their social media presence. However, many don’t know how to properly use it. Be sure to implement an appropriate social media strategy–don’t just content-push, try to use your social media efforts to build a community.

Featured image: Dutch artist Arie van’t Riet is a medical physicist with a PhD in radiology who discovered his talents also lie in the art world. This is one of his colored x-ray photographs.

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