Weekly Readings: Healthcare tips for cybersecurity and more

The still-fresh wound of healthcare cybersecurity (or lack thereof) was reopened this week with the Premera cyberattack that potentially exposed information for 11 million customers. We can think of nothing that says “be prepared” more than repeat problems and constant news coverage of an issue; with that said, this week we’d like to link you to a few tips for protecting yourself, and your patients, against a potential data breach. Additionally, we’ve included some news on recent healthcare legislation.

1. Premera cyber attack could have exposed information for 11 million customers – Reuters

Closely following the Anthem cyber attack that exposed data for 80 million customer and employee accounts, Premera revealed that it was also the victim of a previously undiscovered cyber attack. It’s possible that these discoveries are beneficial to the industry in the long run, and will be able to help many other organizations discover weak points in their own security.

2. Healthcare finance tips for safeguarding against cyberattacks – Healthcare Finance

Did you know that most security breaches are due to simple human error? Or that Anthem reportedly didn’t encrypt customer’s personal data, which may have been a large contributing factor to the scale of the breach? Read this article for more tips on what your facility can do to safeguard against cyber attacks.

3. Webinar: Cybersecurity and the new age of hackers – Modern Healthcare

If you have a spare hour, or just need something to listen to in the background, let us recommend this webinar. It will give you better insight into the different motivations behind cyberattacks, how to protect yourself, and courses of action to take if the worst happens.

4. Cybersecurity – FDA

For those of you from the U.S., here’s what the FDA has to say about healthcare cybersecurity. They also reveal what they’re doing to help with the problem. It never hurt anyone to know what the government was doing (did it, though?).

5. Privacy and Security Awareness Initiatives – HIMSS – See infographic!

HIMSS offers excellent resources and information when it comes to data security in healthcare. And although Data Privacy Day technically struck January 28, we know that really, every day is a data privacy day. Right?

Infographic by HIMSS.

 6. Long-sought ‘doc fix’ funding agreement reached – The Wall Street Journal

Read this for a good, simple explanation of what Republicans and Democrats have been up to.

7. SGR repeal legislation would replace current value-based program with sweeping new MD incentive payment system – Healthcare Informatics

Read this for a better explanation of the actual incentives-based payment plan that has been proposed.



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