Weekly Readings: Healthcare IT, the sustainable growth rate, and patient knowledge

We’ve had a great week at HIMSS–in fact, it could very well have been our best show of the year. Of course, we have the rest of the year to show it up, but for now, we’re pretty happy. The HIMSS conference is always a wealthy source of information for anyone in the healthcare IT industry, and we’ve seen several trending topics, among them patient engagement and workflow averaging.

We also saw the SGR repealed with an overwhelming vote of support in the Senate. This, of course, opens new avenues of physician reimbursement, which remain to be seen as successful (or not).

1. Sustainable Growth Rate is Repealed – ITN

Late Tuesday evening, the Senate voted 92-8 on a bill to repeal the Medicare sustainable growth rate (SGR) act. This will end the series of temporary fixes that each year threatened physician pay. President Obama is expected to sign the bill into law.

2. HIMSS15: Patient engagement tug-of-war – iHealthBeat

Patient engagement remains one of the hot topics at the Health Information and Management Systems Society conference, especially with the recent change proposal made by the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services that would impact Meaningful Use Stage 2.

3. Patient view: Don’t you know who I am? – Healthcare IT News

There are many factors that determine the health of the patient-provider relationship, one of them is truly individuality. Though the thought may at first seem narcissistic, who doesn’t want to be remembered?

4. Infographic: What do patients know about imaging? – HealthImaging

A recent study in the Journal of the American College of Radiology indicated that although patients may have been told about their own individual study, they have many unanswered questions, and the majority of patients would have been interested in a radiological consultation.

5. Why radiologists are bad with money – Diagnostic Imaging

Because radiologists tend to have money, but not a lot of time to decide what happens with it, they are often seen as “prey” for many financial professionals. But there are many ways to regain control of your money and make sure it’s working for you.

We loved having the opportunity to once again visit Chicago for the HIMSS conference this year. It’s genuinely been one of the best shows we’ve done!


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