Weekly Readings: AHRA in review, art meets medicine in Austria

From AHRA trends to questionable pharmaceutical promotions, here’s the week in review.

1. [Video] Trends in Radiology at AHRA 2015 – ITN

For a review of the trending things at AHRA, go watch this video from ITN featuring an interview with Dave Fox, the president of AHRA.

2. Art meets medicine: New 3D tour of heart on display in Austrian museum – HealthImaging

A 3D movie of the human heart in action was recently put on display at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria. View a 2D video of the display in this article.

3. 4 tips for redesigning your workflow – Novarad

In theory, it’s simple. In practice, maybe not so much. Both points aside, here are four simple (yes, simple) tips for redesigning your workflow. It’s a lot to handle so it’s nice to have a starting point. Tip #1: Identify bottlenecks.

4. Mythbusters: The ICD-10 special – WebPT

For the past year or so, the healthcare sphere has been awash with rumors about ICD-10, but how many of those rumors are actually true? Have you heard the one about the World Health Organization (WHO) creating ICD-10 without clinical input? Not true. Read this article to bust some other ICD-10 myths.

5. FDA warns drugmaker over reality star’s social media promotion – iHealthBeat

Kim K is at it again, and this time the FDA is paying attention. You may have seen (or heard of) an Instagram post from the popular reality TV star promoting the benefits of morning sickness drug, Diclegis. The post promotion does not mention any side effects or any potential risks from the drug, instead proclaiming its benefits only. Of course, the FDA immediately warned the drugmaker, Duchesnay, that this post should have contained that information. A Duchesnay spokesperson confirmed that Kardashian West was a paid spokesperson for the drug and that the post was immediately removed from her Instagram page. This situation could set a precedence for the use of celebrity endorsement in medicine.

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