Use Enterprise Imaging to Take Advantage of Value-Based Care

You have probably heard buzzwords in the medical field like “value-based care” or “interoperability” recently. Value-based care is the focus of this article. Specifically, how an enterprise imaging solution can help hospitals and imaging centers alike take advantage of value-based care.

What is Enterprise Imaging?

Enterprise Imaging is a type of software that allows all aspects of patient care to be found in a singular place, with everything from wound care to radiology to ECG reports.

Having all of this information centralized is going to be a key for making an accurate diagnosis for your patients as well as reimbursements for value-based care. An enterprise imaging software is the key that will open the door to a smooth, efficient site.

Enterprise Imaging vs. PACS

There are innumerable benefits to having an enterprise imaging solution over just a standard PACS.

Chief among those reasons is being able to see images and other diagnostic tests to get the entire picture of a patient’s health. Additionally, reimbursement is made much easier with a enterprise imaging solution.

A value-based care strategy that includes an enterprise imaging solution will help maximize your reimbursements so nothing falls through the crack.

Enterprise Strategy

Well-done Enterprise Imaging Software is a strategy that can fit any size of site. Whether it’s a single imaging clinic, or a hospital with a full network of clinics, an appropriate enterprise imaging solution should suit the needs of doctors everywhere.

Novarad’s Ncompass, for example, takes all images and studies from across all platforms and centralizes them. This makes it faster to diagnose without having to make countless calls to other departments and waiting on others for test results, or a myriad of other roadblocks. All of those things prevent you from making a complete and accurate diagnosis.

All in all, an enterprise imaging solution is simply the easiest and most effective way to streamline your sites imaging departments along with the rest of patient care to see the entire picture of a patient’s health and get a proper diagnosis and easier reimbursement.

To learn more about what enterprise imaging can do for your facility, please fill out this contact form to be contacted by a Novarad specialist who can help you figure out where to improve.


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