Unified Standards are Key

Novarad_TylerHarrisArticle from Health Management Technology
By Tyler Harris, VP, clinical solutions, Novarad

One of the most challenging issues in the PACS/RIS world today is the lack of unified standardization and archiving for the storage and retrieval of medical data.

Providers have a lot of inefficiencies to contend with as they work to access the patient data that is housed in multiple and siloed sources. These sources include document scans, master patient indexes and other information repositories that exist in disparate products. Often these inefficiencies can be overcome by interfacing. However, developing custom interfaces costs both money and time, and as the healthcare industry continues to see reimbursements cut, the increasing pressures to deliver enhanced patient care more efficiently will only increase.

Additionally, because of the lack of standardization, even creating interfaces is not a total solution as not all of the information can be shared. What this means for providers is that, by default, they are required to use multiple solutions. With a unified standardization, this challenge can be overcome. Novarad, in partnership with Dell, offers the Unified Clinical Archive (UCA), a complete cloud-based storage solution for all medical image data storage and retrieval. Standardizing all patient demographic and clinical history and making it available through a unified archive eliminates wasted time and costs for provides and for patients, removes frustration and delivers an enhanced and consistent level of patient care.

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