Top 5 Radiology News Stories of the Week of July 7-13 2012

6 Ways for Radiologists to Use Social Media
Diagnostic Imaging | July 13, 2012

Not sure if social media is right for you? Do you think to yourself, “how can I use social media in my practice”? Do you say “Facebook is just for kids”? Well, maybe Facebook isn’t for you. But you should look into these other social media sites. Tips from doctors how and when to use social media sites.


2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule – Cuts for Radiation Oncology Services
ACR | July 12, 2012

More Medicare cuts could be coming your way. Find out exactly how much you could be losing. Be sure to write in to ACR to let your feelings be known so they can include them in to their comment CMS.


VNA or PACS-centric Models Lead Enterprise Imaging Plans
Diagnostic Imaging | July 12, 2012

This article shows a big list of what other facilities are looking for in both an enterprise imaging solution and PACS provider. What are you looking for in a PACS System? Well, KLAS tells us you are mostly looking for Vendor Neutral Archives. If that’s the case, check out Novarad’s Total Archive. Or if VNA is not one of your concerns be sure to refer your friends at other facilities who might be, to us!

San Diego rad practice offers diagnostic imaging for Alzheimer’s
Health Imaging | July 11, 2012

Some sites are starting to offer diagnostic Imaging to determine if patients have the pathology for Alzheimer’s Disease using Amyvid. It can only be used on patients who have already experienced cognitive decline. Maybe something to look into.


ACA and Radiology: The End of the Beginning
Diagnostic Imaging | July 10, 2012

I’m sure you have all heard that the PPACA has been upheld in its majority. What does this mean for you and your practice? What you can do to help your radiology group survive.


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