The PACS Purchasing Paradox: When Providers Overpay for Under-Service

Why is it that providers often choose software that is inefficient and overpriced? No one does that on purpose, but it’s a big decision.

The responsibility of picking a PACS system can leave providers feeling over-matched. When you feel pressure, you turn to what is familiar. According to the KLAS 2015 PACS report, the number one reason providers choose a vendor is because of familiarity. Of course you’d be more likely to buy from someone you know, i.e. “I picked this mainstream vendor, so no one can blame me for problems.”

That leaves you with one question. Did I really make the best choice?

Let’s try to answer that.

First, however, let’s agree that the “best” choice can be very different depending on personal and facility needs. With that in mind, here are some of the things that are important to have in a PACS of your choosing. The KLAS 2015 PACS report found that the number one reason providers stay with a vendor long-term is delivery of new technology and product development. Another reason providers leave vendors is due to lack of functionality.

Take a look at this video, and get the full explanation first hand. Graphs, facts, figures–all. Advertising does not make a quality product; hard work makes a quality product.


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