Text Reminders can reduce patient “no-shows”

“No-shows” can be one of the most frustrating aspects of a physician’s job.

No-shows have the potential to make a carefully crafted schedule become disorganized and provide the opportunity for compensation to vanish. While there is no way to completely stop no-shows all together, text reminders have proven to be an effective means of decreasing no-shows.

Text reminders serve as just that – a reminder via text message that tells the patient about their upcoming appointment. This inexpensive feature more than pays for itself with the amount of money it has the potential to save.

Text Reminders Research

A group of researchers from Harvard Medical School and Mass General conducted a research with text reminders and recorded changes in no-shows for a span of 4 months. The results showed a drop of 1.3%. While this number may seem small, the reduction in no-shows generated an extra $100,000. By extrapolating that data to a full year – sites would be able to generate an extra $300,000 annually.

Another advantage that text reminders is keeping a schedule organized and improve punctuality. The research test did not show a change in punctuality in patients. The research test did bring to light a different method of rhetoric and wording they used in their text reminders.

Medical informatics analyst Chang Liu said: “Based on the findings of our study, this alternative communication strategy could potentially decrease non-punctual arrival from approximately 40 percent (the number of patients who fail to arrive “30 minutes before”) to 10 percent (the number of patients who fail to arrive before the scheduled time), thereby avoiding the associated operational challenges and revenue losses.”

NovaRIS Text Notification Feature

Salt Lake City-based healthcare imaging company Novarad has introduced a text reminder feature for their NovaRIS product.

This feature allows sites to customize and send a text reminder to patients. The addition of this new feature will help NovaRIS users potentially cut-down on now shows, increase punctuality, and increase income. Not bad for adding on a feature!

To learn more, please fill out the demo form here, or contact your Novarad sales representative. 

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