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Risk-Based Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast cancer screenings are always being debated. How often should you get them? At what age should you get them? If you are low-risk, can you be screened less often? If you are high-risk, should you be screened more often? Patient Education More than ever, women are beginning to take extreme measures to prevent or […]

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Radiology Review: 2016 and the Year Ahead

December is here, the weather is frightful, the election is over, and we are all talking to our friends and family again.  2016 has been a crazy year to say the least, but what has 2016 been for the world of Radiology? Here are the trends we saw this year, and what we see in […]

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5 Men’s Health Issues, Both Common and Uncommon

The saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Much the same could be said about maintaining one’s health. Especially in cases of disease treatment, it often takes a multitude of friends, family members, and healthcare professionals to get a person well again. As June brings men’s health once again to the spotlight, we […]

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