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Telehealth to the Rescue!

People always seem to be looking for the next big thing. Telehealth just might be the next big thing in healthcare. Especially among parents with children 18 and under, because–let’s be honest–no one wants to take a toddler to a walk-in clinic or other medical office where germs are running rampant and unchecked. Telehealth to […]

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Novarad introduces cost-effective, secure telehealth solution

SALT LAKE CITY—Healthcare technology company Novarad has partnered with AZOVA Health to create a secure, online patient and physician telehealth platform. The Nview™ Secure Telehealth Platform is a cost-effective and customizable telemedicine platform intended to give healthcare providers greater control over their practices. The platform enables every medical facility, from major academic centers to private […]

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Why AI? The Potential for Computer Minds in Imaging

[vc_column width=”1/2″]Let’s play a quick guessing game. What do the following movies have in common? I, Robot. A Space Odyssey. The Terminator. The Matrix. They address the potential threat machines hold to humanity’s way of life. There is perhaps no greater perpetual source of innovation than the study and development of artificial intelligence. Simultaneously, it […]

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