A Guide to Forensic Radiology and Future Trends

Forensic Radiology and The Future When most people hear the word “forensics” they picture teams of people in full-body suits squinting over crime scenes with flashlights and running objects for fingerprints. But the reality is that there is much more to forensics than what you see on television. Forensic radiology, for example, can be a […]

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Can You Text Patients Under HIPAA?

Can you text patients under HIPAA?

Texting is a fast, convenient way to contact patients and confirm an appointment time, let them know they have updates in their health records, or provide personalized health tips. Despite the convenience, however, many of us are hesitant to text patients due to fears of running afoul of HIPAA. Fortunately, Roger Severino, Director of the […]

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Three trends impacting the PACS ‘land grab’

by Tyler Harris, Vice President of Clinical Solutions, Novarad Keeping ahead of what’s next in PACS was challenging enough, but radiologists now have an even greater challenge ahead. From both a clinical and IT perspective, the three top PACS trends that have reached critical status in vying for providers’ attention include: Intergrated and interoperable enterprise […]

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