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Dose monitoring on the rise: What are you doing?

The rate of CT scans over the last 35 years has increased over 166 percent! We’ve gone from 3 million CT scans performed in 1980 to 80 million scans being performed in 2015. There are multiple reasons for this rate of increase: growth in population, ageing of baby boomers, and advancements in radiology. This also […]

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Changes in Dose Monitoring…. Are you ready?

Change in reductions Much like new CMS standards for reimbursement affecting computed radiography (CR) and digital radiography (DR). The same is affecting CT machines and Dose Monitoring. The NEMA Standard XR-29 includes DICOM-compliant radiation dose structured reporting, automatic exposure control, dose check features, including adult and pediatric protocols. As you all know Equipment not in […]

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Branding! What is it good for? Absolutely everything.

branding your radiology practice

Branding is an important part of any business, doctors and practices included. While many people may not think about branding first when they think about doctors, it’s important to realize that how your brand reflects your practice’s image and your personal image will have a huge impact on your success. The focus of this article […]

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Why Dose Management?

Is your patient radiation dose management in place? If it isn’t, you could be setting yourself up for a serious game of catch-up. The Joint Commission’s (TJC) decision in 2014 to regulate radiation dose management  is now a national discussion. Radiation exposure to the average American has increased by three times what it was in […]

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Increase Your Medicare Reimbursement with These Two Timely Tips

The forecast is in for medical service reimbursement, and it proves that providers need a sound strategy going forward. Over the past twenty years, medical imaging has suffered the most of all medical services in terms of both cost and reimbursement. The cost of medical imaging grew much quicker than that of most other medical […]

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Joint Commission Standards 2015: July 1 Deadline

[vc_column width=”1/2″]If you are accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC), you‘re probably aware of the new Elements of Performance (EP) related to Diagnostic imaging. The Revised Requirements for Diagnostic Imaging Services, effective July 1, 2015, are listed to the right. It really boils down to successfully keeping track of your facility’s radiation dosages, which can […]

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