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The Joint Commission and Texting: Can we?

There has been a lot of confusion over The Joint Commission’s (TJC) stance on text messaging–specifically text orders. In 2011, The Joint Commission published that it is not acceptable for physicians to text orders for patient care. In May 2016, TJC made reference that technology has improved secure text messaging platforms. However, it did not clearly […]

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Are hackers cherry-picking your patient information?

Maybe they aren’t right now, but if they did they could grab a whole lot more patient information that you probably think they could. In this article by Joseph Conn of Modern Healthcare, he outlines multiple aspects of the hack at Banner Health, and the many different kinds of information that needs to be secured […]

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What You MUST Understand About HIPAA and Patient Photography

You probably have patient photographs on your laptop, tablet and phone right now, but is that the proper control? The regulations that govern how photographs are to be stored and used by medical professionals is widely misunderstood. Everyone in the medical field is (or certainly should be) aware of HIPAA, and the importance of protecting […]

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