Patient Engagement and Education Helps Reduce Readmission from Chronic Conditions

Honing in On Patient-Centered Care

We’re all familiar with the term “customer satisfaction,” but for many years that did not translate to “patient satisfaction.” Healthcare is becoming more and competitive due to the greater ability patients now have to find and compare providers online. With all of this information available at the touch of a screen, practices would be well-advised to […]

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Social Media in Healthcare, The New Tool

Social media is the universal tool of sharing and receiving information. While reading some articles on the power and benefits of social media in the medical field there were some key items worth Mentioning. Peer to Peer Interaction Peer to Peer Interaction has three components: Patients finding peers, Doctors connecting with other doctors Patient feedback […]

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Dear Radiologist: 5 Ways to Increase Patient Engagement

As a radiologist, you likely have the ability to affect more patients in one shift than any other physician at your facility may in a week; unfortunately, many patients do not understand the purpose of radiology. In a 2012 survey, 64 percent of patients indicated that they had no idea what radiology’s part was in the care […]

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